Identify cyber risks quickly

AT&T Threat Manager powered by AT&T Alien Labs threat intelligence includes the SOC team that evaluates, researches, and recommends action based on an understanding of the customers unique security controls, environment, and incident response needs.


What AT&T Threat Manager can achieve for you

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    24/7 access to Tier1 cybersecurity experts who handle and prioritize large volumes of threats. Tier3/4 experts are available after normal business hours

  • Cloud integration

    Maintain visibility into security posture and information as you integrate into the cloud

  • Efficiencies

    Spend less time and money investigating and attending to false positives

  • Actionable insights

    More insightful reporting into the threats that matter with log data behind these threats

  • Custom reports

    Customized reports which can be quickly reviewed by executive level staff and SecOps alike

  • Compliance readiness

    Support in working to comply with compliance frameworks including PCI, HIPAA and NIST


AT&T Threat Manager helps you protect your most important assets

AT&T Threat Manager

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AT&T Threat Manager powered by Threat Intellect® offers cybersecurity threat detection and response. We will prioritize alerts and response recommendation based on risk and customer inputs, allowing the customer to prioritize asset importance

Features and Highlights

Threat Manager solutions that fit your business

Features Details
Access to security experts Access our security experts (i.e. GIAC certified intrusion analysts, CISSP, CEH, and other certifications) who work with large volumes of threats and monitor traffic 24/7.
Create customized reports Create customized reports which can be quickly reviewed and understood by executive level staff, IT managers, and SecOps alike.
Work towards maintaining visibility of your information Maintain full visibility of your important assets and information as you move them to the cloud.
Become more efficient with IT/security spend Spend less time, money, and resources investigating and attending to false positives and anomalies.


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