Structure Monitoring

Traditionally, organizations have relied on visual inspections or wired remote monitoring solutions to assess the state of their structures. Locations may be remote or difficult to regularly assess. AT&T offers a solution for smarter infrastructure analysis and monitoring.


Can improve infrastructure planning and lower costs

  • Lower operational costs

    A reliable one piece solution and fewer manual inspections may lower operational costs.

  • Remotely monitor from anywhere

    Monitor structures in near real-time from a desktop or laptop with access to the internet.




  • Increase efficiency

    The reuse of sensors on multiple areas of interest may increase efficiency.

AT&T Smart Cities Structure Monitoring

Helps improve the safety and maintainability of critical structures

AT&T Smart Cities Structure Monitoring

Wireless sensors installed on key infrastructure monitor various structural characteristics. Gain actionable insights on the data using reports and alerts based on location, condition, and operation; which is viewable from a desktop or laptop with access to the Internet.

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Solution components

The AT&T Structure Monitoring solution typically consists of hardware or sensors, connectivity or data transport, visualization platform and cloud hosting, and professional services for installation and monitoring.


Benefit from advancements in structural health monitoring

Features Details
Remote monitoring
  • Ability to remotely monitor multiple structural characteristics
  • Completely wireless solutions
  • Light weight and reusable sensors
Customizable tools
  • Ability to deploy custom alerts via email/ text when thresholds are met
  • Customizable reports and dashboard



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