AT&T Asset Management - Operations Center

Seamlessly track, monitor, and manage virtually any connected asset from a single, centralized user interface with AMOC.

Single, centralized viewpoint

Multiple sensors and data points provide insights to help improve business

  • Location tracking

    Know where your assets are in near real-time and improve customer service with accurate delivery.

  • Condition monitoring

    Improve quality control and prevent damage/spoilage of your assets.

  • Activity management

    Remotely monitor your assets to help ensure peak productivity and efficiency.

  • Data powered insights

    Gain visibility of your connected, mobile assets and help improve operational efficiencies.

  • Multiple device compatibility

    Enables multiple solutions on a single platform across all major communications protocols.

  • End-to-end security

    Uses AT&T IoT Services Platforms and the Microsoft Azure cloud environment to deliver a next-level solution.

Innovative technology

Multiple sensors and data points provide insights to help improve business

AMOC – for connected coolers

Flexibility, customization, and scalability in your cooler operations. The coolers are quipped with specialized hardware specifically designed with intelligent sensors to connect coolers and provide near real-time data.

IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights

AMOC enhances IBM MAHI by providing historical and near real-time asset conditions, using that data to help make better decisions on the lifecycle of an asset, for predictive conditions monitoring and as knowledge to fuel decision making.


Key features

Features Details
Speed to market, quick deployment and implementation AMOC provides the ability to quickly configure and launch an E2E IoT solution including device, connectivity, IoT platform and application (or API integration) with maximized scalability.
Enable multiple solutions on a single platform Help create efficiency for your business by connecting multiple asset types with varying use cases on a single platform with a centralized dashboard.
Easy Integration into a variety of applications with APIs Integrate near real-time data with AMOC into your existing systems and processes with APIs.


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