AT&T Multi-Factor Authenticator

Secure access to your corporate network and prevent identity fraud. 

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Identity security breaches put your business at risk


    Social Engineering

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    Credential stuffing

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    Brute force attacks


Superior identity authentication security

  • Prevent employee identity account takeover    

    Mitigate identity phishing attacks, stolen credentials, and credential stuffing with Fast ID Online (FIDO2), the most secure standard for multi-factor authentication. The FIDO2 standard consists of the World Wide Web Consortium’s WebAuthn specification and FIDO’s corresponding Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP), providing unrivaled security and privacy.

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  • User experience

    By leveraging users’ existing smartphones using an app, no tokens are needed. AT&T MFA provides increased security, without the need for additional hardware and a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Convenient to deploy and manage

    Accelerate adoption with self-service enrollment and automated user provisioning. No need to purchase and distribute physical security keys. AT&T MFA is simple to activate and centrally manage with the global reach, scale, and performance.

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  • Zero trust security: Trust no one, authenticate everyone, internal or external 


    AT&T MFA integrates with AT&T Enterprise Application Access, AT&T Enterprise Traffic Protector and other cybersecurity platforms  to enforce a zero-trust network protocol in which all users, whether they are internal or external, must be authenticated.


Features of AT&T Multi-Factor Authentication

Features Details
Phish-resistant authentication factor
Enable FIDO2 MFA security using any smartphone, providing unrivaled security via a frictionless push notification. 
Configurable authentication factor
Select the authentication factors you need for your use case, including secure push, standard push, TOTP (time based one time password), and SMS (short message service). 
Automated provisioning

AT&T MFA automates user provisioning workflows, ensuring changes in your IdP are immediately reflected. 

Authentication event reporting
A complete set of rich reporting features keeps your administration team informed of authentication events. 
Controlled or self service enrollment Easy, self-service methods are provided for end-user enrollment and device registration, reducing load on administrators. AT&T support available to manage your implementation.
Compatible with existing authentication technologies Includes magic link, email or text, voice call, biometrics, and more.
IdP integration Easily integrate with market-leading identity providers (IdP) and identity solutions such as Microsoft Azure and Okta to provide a seamless service.


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