IoT solutions can improve road safety while increasing fleet efficiency and reducing emissions.



Connecting all things fleet for the greater good

  • Safer roads for everyone

    Help improve public and fleet safety with hours of service (HOS) reporting, accident detection, and vehicle maintenance. Keeps fleet drivers accountable while minimizing risks.

  • Increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and lower environmental impact

    The more you know, the more you can improve operations and save money on fuel, labor, and maintenance of vehicles, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • See into every corner of your operations

    By connecting every 'thing', you have visibility into everything that can help make your operations run more smoothly, while helping to improve your customers' satisfaction. 

Products and services

Solutions to integrate into your transportation plan

Improved driver safety and performance

Weir Group climbs into the driver’s seat with the use of AT&T Fleet Management.

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Fuel and emissions

Fleet Management and other IoT solutions enable fuel savings and carbon emissions reductions

Family standing at an electric car charging station.

Electric power is helping lower emissions

ChargePoint and AT&T IoT are creating an integrated, smart Electric Vehicle charging network to help get people and goods moving.

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Fleet telematics can reduce fuel costs by as much as 25%*




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