Go beyond traditional security

AT&T Enhanced Cybersecurity Service goes beyond scanning for typical malicious threats by employing classified threat indicators provided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to help detect advanced persistent threats (APTs).


What AT&T Enhanced Cybersecurity Service can do for you

  • Reduce phishing emails 

    Reduce phishing emails by providing enhanced email scanning and filtering 

  • Neutralize dangerous emails 

    Neutralize dangerous email strings or attachments 

  • Manage user access 

    Prevents users from accessing malicious, DNS-blacklisted sites 

  • Integrate and complement 

    Integrates with and complements your current security infrastructure 

  • Continuity 

    Utilizes redundant AT&T security architecture for continuity of operations

  • Proactive security protection 

    Delivers advanced, proactive security protection through the continuous integration of government and industry knowledge


Enhanced Cybersecurity Service to help you defend against advanced persistent threats

Features & Highlights

Enhanced Cybersecurity Service that fits your business

Feature Details
Malicious Email Filtering  Malicious email filtering provides enhanced email scanning and isolation capabilities for network-based inbound email  
Domain Name System (DNS) sinkhole security DNS sinkhole security redirects traffic away from other malicious sites to servers known as “sinkhole servers” or “safe servers”
24x7 support  AT&T Operations Centers provide 24x7 support, and generate event notifications, data analytics, and product summary reports 
Service Level Agreements  Service Level Agreements offer metrics for notifying you of outages, trouble ticket responses, provisioning and more, so you can track the stated performance metric for your service
Project Manager  Your project manager serves as your primary point of contact to keep you updated while we provision your service
Additional layer of protection AT&T Enhanced Cybersecurity Service delivers cybersecurity protections recognized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security 


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