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AT&T Collaborate℠ – Enhanced Mobile is a cloud-based communication system for mobile devices that provides custom announcements and advanced call routing.


Enhanced Mobile

Enjoy these business benefits

  • Be more reachable

    Allow your mobile phone number to also ring multiple phones.

  • Greet customers professionally

    Welcome customers with a customized message and transfer callers to an extension without going through a live operator or receptionist.




  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Connect callers to the right party quickly with more ways for customers to reach you.


  • Work more productively

    Add collaboration such as chat, presence, conferencing, and team workspaces.


  • Scale easily

    Add or change devices or services as your needs evolve.


  • Reduce costs

    Minimize maintenance, support, and CapEx with a cloud-based service.




A business-class phone system for mobile devices

Explore features for Enhanced Mobile

Features Details
Auto Attendant Create custom announcements and call routing based on working hours, non-working hours, shift schedules and or holiday schedules.
Hunt Groups Route calls when unavailable, ringing additional users simultaneously, sequentially, or based on time of day, day of week, or specific situation.
Business class voicemail Receive copies of your voicemails via audio files sent directly to your email. 
Integrated dialer Make and receive calls without the need of an app or special dial codes.
Single outbound number identification Unify your calling presence by having your main company phone number appear on all outbound calls.
Extension dialing Allow 3 to 6-digit dialing to reach a person or department.
Collaboration options Add instant messaging, presence, conferencing, and screen and file sharing.
Dedicated portal Access reports and manage features such as dial restrictions, hunt groups, and user configurations online.




Discover the key features for Enhanced Mobile. Explore the interactive guide.



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