Comprehensive web security to help protect your data

Give your employees safe and reliable Internet connectivity, while managing their access to the applications. AT&T cloud web security service provides highly reliable web protection and content filtering with cloud-based controls that you administer.


What our cloud web security service can do for you

  • Reduce cost 

    Reduce operating costs and eliminate the need for space and equipment.

  • Flexible

    Keep IT flexible, and quickly implement and change security policies as needed.

  • Highly secure

    Stay protected and provide users, remote and onsite, with reliable, highly secure internet connection.

  • Efficiency

    Promote efficiency and adopt new applications faster thanks to enhanced security safeguards.

  • Faster application adoption

    The ability to enable or disable the use of web applications and to control granular operations allows faster adoption of new applications.

  • Maximize resources

    Allocate IT staff to strategic projects instead of being on call for unanticipated attacks or events.


Cloud web security service to help secure your organization

Cloud web security service

Starting at

$3.00 per user/ mo.

AT&T cloud web security service is a subscription-based security solutions that takes inputs from different sources to find and track threats using content filtering, malware scanning, application controls and other features. It provides comprehensive web security including real-time protection against viruses and malware, protection against compromised web sites and granular control of web applications.

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Features and highlights

Cloud web security service that fit your business

Features Details
Maximize uptime  Maximize uptime and avoid downtime by using negative-day defense that neutralizes malware before it has a chance to hit your network.
Web application controls   Ability to extend a variety of policies to effectively manage web 2.0 applications including user group, applications, postings and media transfer controls.
Dual antivirus scanning Delivers enterprise-grade malware protection using a combination of real-time web ecosystem analysis and inline malware scanning.
Highly secure Highly secure and encrypted tunnel from location/ device to cloud service.
Multiple connectivity options  Flexible and instant interoperability with existing network infrastructure.
Support for smartphones and tablets  Light weight clients also available for laptops, tablets and smartphone users.



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