AT&T Business Fast Track

Prioritize your business data and applications with quality of service to reduce impact from data surges and improve your application performance on the AT&T 4G LTE network.


AT&T Business Fast Track app

Improve performance of your business applications with the press of a button

  • Performance

    Network congestion can interrupt your business-critical data; stay ahead of traffic by prioritizing your data and applications. No limits on throughput for prioritized data.

  • Effortless

    No password or user name to remember means you get an effortless experience every time.

  • Flexibility

    Allocated bandwidth to meet your needs. Flexible deployment options with Customer IP Packet Marking, Application List Policy, or On Demand Mobile app.


Start prioritizing data

Boost your application performance and business data on the AT&T 4G LTE network.

  • Priority treatment on AT&T Radio Access Network (RAN)
  • No speed throttling
  • Flexible deployment options
  • End-to-end prioritization when combined with AT&T VPN service.

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*Lines must be provisioned before app will work

Benefits and options

  • Productivity

    Keep employees productive by prioritizing your business applications.

  • Simplicity

    No additional software needed unless you want to utilize the on-demand mobile app.

  • Flexibility

    Choose an automatic or user-controlled implementation model, whichever works best for you.

  • Packet marking

    Supports DiffServ (DSCP), which enables you to determine which traffic you want to prioritize, or deprioritize.


*Price is (a) after $10 AutoPay and paperless billing discount, which starts w/in 2 bill cycles after enrollment, and (b) doesn't apply to lines for smartphones with a service compliment. Add $25/mo. per line for a smartphone with a service commitment. Taxes and fees extra
**Advertised monthly pricing includes (a) a monthly plan charge for data service and (b) a $5 monthly discount when enrolled in both AutoPay & paperless billing, which starts within 2 bills after enrollment.


Features Details
Prioritize your connection with the tap of a button.
Preselect specific apps
Create a network policy to automatically prioritize your important business applications.
Packet marking
Not all packets are equal. Mark your IP packets (DSCP) and make sure your packets get the class of service they need, even when on the mobility network.
No Speed Limits
No limit on throughput rate for prioritized data.
Compatible solutions
AT&T Virtual Private Network, NetBond®, AT&T Wireless Broadband, AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk as well as real-time interactive apps, business apps and machine-to-machine apps. 


Class of service (CoS) or quality of service (QoS) manage multiple traffic profiles over a network by giving certain types of traffic priority over others. For example you can give voice traffic priority over email or http traffic.

AT&T Business Fast Track includes 2 premium classes of service: critical data and interactive data.  Critical data class of service (CoS) is best suited for medium bandwidth, low latency business applications.  Interactive data CoS is best suited for real-time, interactive applications. 


Priority access allows the device to connect to the LTE network with a higher priority than a non-priority customer.  

No. Priority access is only available in the public safety offer and is restricted for use by qualified first responders or companies and agencies classified as critical infrastructure. 

AT&T Business Fast Track uses 3GPP standard methodologies to apply a priority class of service to specific application data as identified by the customer. Customers can specify 1 or more applications via Manifest or IP Packet Marking (differentiated services – DSCP) for prioritization.


Customers must have the following to use AT&T Business Fast Track:


  • Qualified mobility contract such as AT&T Corporate Digital Advantage Agreement (ACDA) and government contracts. Contact your sales rep for further details.
  • Corporate Responsible User (CRU) customers with LTE capable devices
  • Qualified LTE data plan
  • Customer can use AT&T Business Fast Tract only for qualified business applications




Yes. AT&T Business Fast Track is enabled and billed at the individual user level.


No, AT&T Business Fast Track does not impose any throughput limitations for prioritized traffic.


AT&T Business Fast Track only supports qualified, business/mission critical applications. Note:  AT&T Business Fast Track excludes broadcasting video application and general consumer application such as Netflix, YouTube, or Facebook. 


There are 2 methods of applying AT&T Business Fast Track:


  • Manifest
  • Customer IP Packet Marking




A manifest is an application list unique for each customer. The customer provides application details such as name, application server information (IP address, port and protocol) to Mobility Technical Engineer (MTE). MTE creates the manifest for the customer and assigns the appropriate class of service for the specified application(s).


Customer IP Packet Marking


The customer must ensure their data traffic is marked with DSCP (differentiated services). If you have your own router, you are able to edit/identify the DSCP values. Additionally, certain applications may mark the data packets with DSCP. We recommend you consult with the MTE’s about your type of data traffic.



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