Secure your network with AT&T Token Authentication

Token Authentication service provides enhanced access security for a wide range of customer applications to help keep your enterprise network safe

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What is Token Authentication Service?

AT&T Token Authentication Service is a 100% cloud-based, highly flexible user authentication service which helps:

  • Protect all environments & locations 

  • Protect all users

  • Control risks in real time 

By helping to prevent data breaches and comply with regulations, it allows organizations to migrate to the cloud simply and securely.


Tighten your login security

  • Enhanced security

    across your entire deployment; covers remote access servers, VPNs, web portals, enterprise networks, and cloud-based applications 

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Reduces the risk of unauthorized access

  • Adaptive/contextual authentication

    strong identity validation

  • Flexible policy management


    gives you central, detailed control to protect your network where you need it most; includes risk-based access policy matching your login environment and single sign-on (SSO) to streamline navigation through your cloud applications

  • Simplified management    


    automated provisioning, administration, active directory syncs for easier implementations; potential reductions in total cost of ownership 

  • Mobile authenticator app


    Mobile PASS+, protects enrollees from the start; end-to-end encryption

  • Supports major operating systems    


    Apple iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and Windows 10 or 11 

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  • Simplified integration    


    hundreds of cloud applications; compatible with hybrid applications, VPN gateways, virtualization solutions, or on-premises solutions 

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Offer Components

Cloud-based, highly flexible user authentication service

AT&T Token Authentication Service allows you to apply authentication to all users and apps with diverse authentication capabilities.

It gives you the power to control access to all apps with the right policy that enforces the right authentication method for the right user, in the current circumstances.

Automated workflows and user-initiated enrollment provides remote support for thousands of users wherever they are, while diverse integration methods ensure you can protect any application – in the cloud, or on-premises

Use cases

Unify connectivity and security with confidence

  • Secure Office 365 Environment

  • Protect Other Cloud and On Premise Environments

  • Authentication for VPN Remote Access

  • Addresses Compliance, Insurance, and Regulatory Requirements

  • Protect privileged users and PAM systems

  • Meet OMB and executive order Zero Trust requirements for identity protection

  • Offer phishing-resistant authentication



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