Key features of AT&T Business 4GB

  • ActiveArmor℠ Security 

    Including spam & fraud call blocking and more.1

  • Unlimited talk, text and 4GB of data per line2

    Includes unlimited text from the U.S. to 200+ countries and unlimited talk from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada.3

  • Hotspot data use

    Connect other devices like tablets to the Internet via tethering.


Phone plans

AT&T Business 4GB for phones

Non-phone plan pricing

AT&T Business 4GB for tablets and wearables


$20 per mo.

4GB data for use in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. SD video streaming.


$10 per mo.

4GB data and unlimited talk & text for use within and between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. SD video streaming.

At least 1 phone line is required to add a tablet or wearable to your Business 4GB plan group.  If no phone line, the first standalone tablet or wearable is billed at advertised phone single line pricing without AutoPay & paperless billing discount ($60/mo.). Max 10 lines per plan group. Taxes and fees extra.*

*What you will see on your bill:  Advertised monthly plan charge for talk, text and/or data, depending on device.  Discounts: All phone line prices above include (a) a $10 per phone line monthly discount with AutoPay and paperless billing, which starts within 2 bill cycles after enrollment, and (b) a $25 per line monthly discount for eligible phone lines in your Business 4GB plan group (excludes lines for smartphones with a service commitment).

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