Proactive protection for your application layer

The application layer provides hackers with the widest surface attack that can bring major disruptions if exploited. AT&T application layer security helps defend against malicious attacks to keep your servers and applications running. 

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What AT&T application layer security can achieve for you

  • Proactive monitoring

    Proactive monitoring of all inbound and outbound traffic to provide early warning of potentially malicious activity.

  • Quick response

    24x7 monitoring to help quickly identify threats and minimize disruptions.

  • Simplify security operations 

    Fully managed solution utilizing extensive security and business expertise to simplify your security operations.

  • Operational expense

    One convenient monthly charge with no upfront large capital investment.


AT&T application layer security helps provide a clear line of defense

AT&T application layer security

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AT&T application layer security is a managed security service for premises-based DDoS protection devices that is designed to offer protection from internet-borne threats before they reach the local firewall. This enhances the traditional security method of protecting the network border by enforcing controls at the network endpoints. The solution may be configured so that if a volumetric DDoS attack is detected it could request DDoS defense mitigations in the cloud to mitigate the attack.

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Features & highlights

Quickly identify and stop threats in its track to minimize damage

Features Details
Local deployment AT&T will assist in the setup of the managed services and premises-based device(s) for AT&T owned devices and perform tuning based on your requirements.
In-line protection

The device can be configured for Inline-Inactive (analyze and detect) or Inline-Active (analyze, detect and mitigate) modes of operation. When in Inline-Active mode, the device may be configured to alert the AT&T DDoS defense service* via cloud signaling for volumetric attack protection.  

*AT&T DDoS defense service subscription required. 

Always-on Provides effective on-premises security for application traffic to help keep critical applications and servers available to the public.
Custom protection setting Avoid potential congestion of the firewall and drop outbound traffic that violates the security policy based on defined protection settings on the managed device.
Ease of management Easily manages routine tasks and provides access to alert and mitigation summaries via self-administration portal. 


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