This Terms of Service shows the pricing for the service(s) and/or service component(s) identified below that you plan on ordering (the “Services”).  Clicking “I Accept” is your placement of an order for and use of the Services and your acceptance of the terms governing the Services set forth in the AT&T Business Services Agreement found at, and the AT&T Wi-Fi Services Service Guide found at  


Service Interference

In no event is AT&T responsible for interference or service degradation caused by or to third-party Wi-Fi services at the Sites.



Payment Cycle and Termination

Billing for Services commences when AT&T has provisioned the Services.  Recurring charges for each month's Services will be billed one month in advance.  Billing is based on a 30-day cycle.  Non-Recurring Charges for the Services generally will be billed in the billing cycle following the order.  The first bill for Services may include pro-rated charges for a partial monthly period prior to the beginning of the first monthly billing cycle. Upon termination, subject to applicable law, the effective date of termination will be the last day of the current billing cycle and Customer will receive Service until the end of the billing cycle.  Customer will not receive a prorated credit or refund for any remaining days of Service in the billing cycle after termination.  The Service will continue until the end of the bill cycle.

Privacy Terms and Conditions

Customer represents and warrants that it has appropriate rights to provide End User data (which may include Customer Personal Data) to AT&T in connection with the Service.  Customer expressly grants AT&T permission to access information contained in application layer 7 for the sole purpose of managing the performance of the Wi-Fi network.  From time to time AT&T will perform real time packet capture to analyze and troubleshoot network issues and Customer grants AT&T permission to perform such operations for short intervals as necessary for network management purposes.

AT&T agrees that, in performing the network management function, it will:

  • Use or monitor End User data shared with AT&T only for network management purposes and for providing metrics reports, consistent with the AT&T Privacy Policy; and 
  • Establish data retention protocols so that AT&T retains data shared with it for as long as reasonably necessary for network management purposes.

Customer agrees that in connection with the network management function, it will:

  • Use or monitor End User data made available through the network management function of the Service only for network management purposes, unless it secures additional consent from End Users, or has another lawful basis for processing the data.  Purposes beyond the network management function include, but are not limited to, marketing, advertising, and the examination of content and communications;
  • Obtain and maintain any and all legally required employee or End User consents, or establish other lawful bases, for the processing, transfer, or use of End User data, and to assist with this and for guidance purposes only, the Exhibit A is an example of a form Customer may use to provide notice and to obtain End User consent;
  • Obtain multiple consents for distinct purposes, and proposed combinations of personal data, even if supplemental software/technology is required; 
  • Use only Customer SSIDs;
  • Present the End User with Customer’s terms of service and applicable privacy policy;
  • Establish data retention protocols so that data Customer processes is retained for no longer than is reasonably necessary for network management purposes;
  • Not access, use, or share content of communications, content of email or texts, content of shopping carts, or search term queries, etc.; and
  • Not attempt to re-identify anonymized data.

Customer is responsible for the way the data is used by Customer; and its employees, guests, and representative’s access to and use of the data, content, or communications generated by this Service.

To the extent that a website or online service is directed to or likely to collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen, Customer agrees to comply with the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and provide parental notice and advance parental consent prior to collecting such personal

The Service allows Customer to collect and use an End User’s location through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi based location technologies.  Such use may be subject to various U.S. and international laws and regulations, including those promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission and other industry regulators (e.g., Privacy Forum’s Mobile Location Analytics Code of Conduct, NAI, GDPR, CCPA), with which Customer
agrees to comply.  Customer agrees not to provide or sell location data to third parties without AT&T prior written authorization.

This ability to collect and use location information is different than what is done with GPS or other technologies.  Because the Service collects and uses location information, AT&T is offering the following information, but such information is not intended to be legal advice.  Customer should consult with an attorney for legal advice.

Depending on how Customer collects or uses the Service, Customer may be required to provide notice, obtain opt-in consents, or provide periodic reminders, all separate from providing terms and conditions to End Users, so that End Users will be aware that location is being tracked when visiting Customer’s Sites.  If Customer buys other products or services from AT&T or others that, in conjunction with Customer’s business application, allows Customer to know when an End User is at Customer’s Site(s), Customer may be required to provide separate notices, obtain separate opt-in consents, or provide periodic reminders (all separate from terms and conditions) so that End Users will be aware that location is being tracked in multiple ways when visiting Customer’s Site(s).

Customer may not use AT&T’s name, brand, or mark, with third-parties or End Users in connection with the Service without AT&T’s written consent.


When the security policies of the Service are Customer managed, Customer is solely responsible for all security related to the Service.

AT&T Wi-Fi Customer Portal Capabilities

Customers purchasing this offer will have the following limited capabilities on the AT&T Wi-Fi Customer Portal (  Network Utilization depicting Hardware Up/Down, Client and Application Usage, Management of Security Appliance, Switches, Wi-Fi and SSIDs, Port Forwarding, 1-to-1 and 1-to-many NAT capable, Multi-VLAN support if CM Switch is provisioned.


AT&T Business Wi-Fi (ABW) with Cisco Meraki will include a managed Security Appliance (MX67, MX75, or MX95) with an Enterprise License and Professional Installation.  All other Service Components are optional.  Enhanced Customer Care is included with the pricing. ABW standard SLAs do not apply.

MRC:  Monthly Recurring Charge

NRC:  Non-Recurring Charge

Service Component Occurrence
Non-Returned Equipment NRC
Wi-Fi Security Appliance Meraki MX67 MRC $60.00 $710.00
Wi-Fi Security Appliance Meraki MX75 MRC $113.00 $1,980.00
Wi-Fi Security Appliance Meraki MX95 MRC $258.00 $4,950.00
Wi-Fi Access Point Meraki MR36 MRC $37.50 $760.00
Wi-Fi Switch Meraki MS120 – 8 port MRC $51.00 $1,020.00
Wi-Fi Switch Meraki MS120 – 24 port MRC $97.00 $2,840.00
Wi-Fi Professional Installation (per device) NRC Minimum $290.00 per device* N/A
Wi-Fi Change NRC Minimum $175.00 per change* N/A
Wi-Fi Technician Visit – Post Installation NRC $290.00 N/A

* Wi-Fi Professional Installation and Wi-Fi Change charges will be confirmed by AT&T prior to or during installation. Rates are not stabilized and are subject to change from time to time per current Schedule of Charges and the needs of the specific installation project.




1. Notice

This privacy notice sets out how (insert Customer Name) uses and protects personal data collected when you choose to connect to our Wi-Fi service.  Our Wi-Fi service may collect information from your device, such as your device’s ID, IP address and location.  (insert Customer Name) is the controller of such information and will process that information only on the basis of your consent below.  That consent is for processing your information only as necessary for the purpose of “network management,” which includes network planning and engineering, operations, security and providing you with technical support.  (insert Customer Name) will not use your information to market its services or the services of any affiliate of (insert Customer Name) or third party, and will not sell, rent or share your information with any such affiliate or third party, provided that (insert Customer Name) may share your information with a third party for the sole purpose of assisting (insert Customer Name) with network management, or share information to comply with a legal obligation.

Cisco Meraki is the processor of your information on behalf of (insert Customer Name) which provides the hardware and software of the Wi-Fi service.  Cisco Meraki also collects data regarding network traffic for providing reports to (insert Customer Name) to assist (insert Customer Name) with network management.  (insert Customer Name) has contracted with AT&T Corp. to provide this service.

(insert Customer Name) and its processors will not transfer your information except as needed for network management purposes.  Cisco Meraki enables (insert Customer Name) to limit the retention of your information to no more than 14 months.

(insert Customer Name) is committed to honoring your rights regarding your personal data. Your rights include the ability to access your personal data; to correct your personal data; to have your personal data erased; to temporarily prohibit processing of your personal data; to have your personal data made portable; and/or to object to the processing of your personal data.  Provision of personal data in response to your request will not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others.  You may file a complaint with a data protection authority.  You may seek judicial redress for alleged infringements of applicable law.  For any of the above matters, (insert Customer Name) may be contacted at (insert Customer email address).

2. Consent

▢  I consent to the processing of my personal data for the sole purpose of network management (as described in the above Notice).

You may withdraw the consent at any time.  The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.