#MakeTheirDay: 2 steps to improve customer order and pickup experience

Just two steps get you on the way to improving your customer service

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

The population of hermitic, introverted customers is no stranger to the simple joys of online ordering and easy pickup. But even the extroverts – with their natural people skills – still appreciate the wonders of a seamless transaction.

Here’s a stat to convince you this is a great avenue to #MakeTheirDay: 96% of Americans shop online. Whether you’re running a kitchen or an online service, you know your own customers appreciate having a quick and convenient way to get things done.

While online ordering and simple pickup works wonders for those in the food and beverage industry, the basics can be applied to just about any business – even if you are your only employee.

Making this virtually seamless experience blossom takes two big steps: One, mastering the online ordering process, and two, making pickup a breeze.

Step 1: Become the online-order master

The online ordering process can be a wild, untamed beast. And, well, you’ve probably never had to tame an actual beast before – but you are running your own business, and that’s kind of the same thing.

To start, you’ll want to consider some basics that make up the online ordering system, which eventually come together to make your process sing.

  • Find a website platform that works for you: A dog-walking business may not necessarily want or need the same type of platform a florist would. Do a thorough exploration of the platforms you like the most and pay attention to what other businesses are using.
  • Make it mobile: At this point, making your digital storefront mobile-first almost goes without saying – 80 percent of shoppers admit they’re more likely to purchase from and interact with a brand that offers an engaging mobile experience.
  • Get artsy with it: Keep the brand experience consistent and make sure your photography is on point. For example, if you’re planning your (much-deserved) vacation and looking at hotels, you’ll be more inclined to choose the hotel with the better design and photography, especially when the pictures match the room when you walk in. Make sure you do the same for your products, food or service – because nobody likes a liar.  Good design is good for your business. 

Step 2: Follow through with hassle-free pickup (or delivery)

If your customers pick up in store, consider the journey they’re making to get to that point. Chances are slim that they’re trekking through the Sahara for one of your biscuit sandwiches (OK, maybe if it’s Mom’s recipe), but it’s important to make this final transaction easy-breezy.

Think about the mindset of your customers – are they in a rush? Do they need to talk to a person? Consider a quick pickup option where online orders can be grabbed without waiting in line. Or make sure you have enough staff in order to take care of customers if there’s a rush.

If you’re strictly delivery, a good partner is key – and it’s worth not having the hassle of your own delivery staff. All the cool kids are using third-party apps that handle this part for you anyway. And chances are they’re fairly low cost, or they simply take a small percentage of your sales.

Bonus step: Don’t forget the data

Hey – the article is still going, and your online transactions should keep on keepin’ on, too.

Most online orders are going to give you names, addresses and emails, and those pieces of data can be used to exceed your customers’ needs wherever they are. This specific order data can also help you retarget your customers with offers and updates that are custom-made for them, keeping them happy long after purchase.

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