How restaurants can increase guest and staff loyalty

Restaurants are implementing these strategies to engage both guests and staff

by Phillip Hartfield, Retail Industry Solutions General Manager, AT&T

The long-term success of every restaurant is built upon delivering a quality, seamless experience for guests. When a restaurant is challenged with high employee turnover, complex operations, and growing cybersecurity threats, giving great customer service and protecting the restaurant brand can be difficult.

Here are a few strategies that restaurants and many other retail companies are implementing to engage both guests and staff:

Touchscreens and kiosks

Enable customers to interact with branded digital content using touchscreens and tablet-based kiosks. For best results, make sure to choose a network that provides the speed and reliability to deliver high-definition images and video.

Digital technology enables you to promote specials and provide relevant content that can help shape purchasing decisions. Social engagement can build customer engagement, which can help build your brand.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Consumers often demand Wi-Fi, so make sure to provide it for them. Complimentary guest Wi-Fi can help improve guest satisfaction, particularly in areas with poor or no cellular coverage.

Attract customers who might otherwise walk past by providing a place to connect — allocating bandwidth that doesn't interfere with business-critical functions. Don’t miss the opportunity to brand your sign-in page.


Your employees work hard — reward them with entertainment in their break room.

With a broad variety of news, sports, and entertainment programming, a service like DirecTV is a great way to help reduce attrition and increase satisfaction. The payoff: higher productivity and performance from happier employees. Additionally, entertainment can improve the customer experience.

Data insights

Collect insights about your customers that you can use to drive marketing messages in your restaurant.

Capture anonymized data on customers' characteristics and their time of visit. Then, you can use that data to convert business intelligence into personalized content and promote relevant menu items.

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