Virtual workspace technology explained: what is Webex Meetings?

Give employees the tools they need to get work done efficiently and cohesively

by the AT&T Business Editorial Team

The need for collaboration tools has never been greater. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses. Cisco reported 25 billion meeting minutes in April 2020, 10 billion more than the total minutes reported for March 2020.1 Additionally, 48% of business professionals report using video conferencing more frequently than two years ago.2

While the massive shift to working from home has had its challenges, it’s also brought some welcome benefits. Of the remote-working employees surveyed, 77% report greater productivity than in their previous work arrangements.2

If you’ve also experienced this steep rise in the number of online meetings, then you may be wondering about what you and your team can use to enhance the collaboration experience.

Getting more out of meetings with innovative collaboration technology

If you have an enterprise-grade collaboration platform, it’s possible for your team to connect on virtually any device from practically anywhere. An ideal collaboration platform would allow your teams to have immersive interactions that bring ideas to life in ways mere video chats and phone calls cannot. If it were cloud based, it would enhance your team’s agility and efficiency.

Imagine your employees gathering in a virtual workspace to review initial design sketches. They would be able to revise plans in near-real time on a shared virtual whiteboard. And they could record the discussion for later viewing by other teams. The video, along with other job materials and communications, would reside in the project workspace for teammates to access as the work progresses.

A closer look: Webex Meetings with AT&T

A virtual workspace, Webex Meetings with AT&T allows teams to conduct smarter meetings and increase productivity. They can communicate, present, conduct webinars, and share videos.

This global, cloud-based collaboration platform has highly secure web, audio, and video conferencing, content sharing, and many other capabilities that can support your business objectives.

It also allows a team to keep all their job materials in one workspace. This streamlines the work by reducing time spent searching for content, emails, and other relevant information. It’s a great space for sharing and brainstorming ideas so collaborating employees can move quickly from initial concept to final realization. Plus, these richer interactions can help spawn breakthrough realizations or draw teams closer through a renewed sense of camaraderie. And it’s available from virtually anywhere with virtually any device.

As work situations evolve—with some coming back to the office and others working remotely some or all of the time—Webex Meetings with AT&T delivers a simple, standardized experience across all meetings and teams. Not only can this help you get more done efficiently, it can also strengthen team bonds and cohesion. Spontaneous, near-real-time interactions help foster cooperation and boost morale, especially when employees are scattered across the country or even around the world.

The benefits of such a collaboration tool are clear. But how does it work, and how is it different from other collaboration tools?

Promote constructive interactions with a full-featured collaboration platform

Webex Meetings with AT&T is a business-productivity application you access through the cloud. It can help you and other colleagues feel like you’re all collaborating on projects in the same room together.

It delivers a shared virtual environment for up to 75 participants and comes packed with a broad array of tools to keep the conversation creative and inspiring, including full-screen conferencing, instant messaging, and virtual whiteboards. You all can share and develop rich content in virtual real time.

What’s more, Webex Meetings with AT&T easily integrates with many of your existing resources, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Office 365, and Google. This richer, more agile interactivity enables employees to maximize their time collaborating in order to develop transformative business solutions.

It’s this set of tools that makes Webex Meetings with AT&T so powerful. Many video conference solutions let you speak in real time and view participants over video. This will meet the needs of some businesses. For others, in Webex Meetings with AT&T they’ll have access to extra functionality above and beyond the basics. This can help promote business objectives requiring more sophisticated design, planning, or production efforts. In each workspace, participants can make group videos or audio calls, chat by text, work on files, share meetings, and more.

Here’s a full list of features:

  • Full-screen video conferencing
  • Anyone can host a meeting
  • Up to 7 video feeds and split-screen mode
  • Easy audio and presentation sharing
  • Content sharing and management tools
  • Integrated calendar and meeting functions
  • Whiteboard and collaboration features IP telephony tools
  • Instant feedback with group messaging
  • Compatible with networked collaboration devices
  • Works on PC, tablet and mobile
  • Record meetings (including video)
  • Advanced collaboration tools for 75 video participants in one meeting
  • Easy-to-use, high-quality video messaging
  • Instant messaging and chat apps APIs for 3rd-party platform integration
  • Unified participant and contact lists
  • Greater employee choice in joining with the device of their choosing
  • Video, audio, and content sharing across Android and iOS devices
  • High-definition (HD) video meetings with no travel required

Use case: law firm

Suppose for a moment that you’re a mid-sized law firm located in a lightly-populated mountainous region of the Western United States. While the terrain may be beautiful, it poses challenges for your attorneys and legal staff who need to meet with clients, conduct depositions, and liaise with county officials. The vast distances and sometimes inaccessible roadways make travel difficult. Webex Meetings with AT&T allows your staff to conduct virtual face-to-face meetings anytime, providing a more natural form of interaction than tele-conferencing. With the ability to see participants’ faces, video conferencing lets your staff respond spontaneously to pursue lines of inquiry as they develop. Plus, Webex Meetings with AT&T enables your staff to share documents in a feature-rich, highly secure virtual workspace. It’s a big time saver and frees your staff to achieve more from the convenience of their office or home, even while traveling. And it helps preserve client-attorney privileges by keeping interactions confidential.

Use case: a multi-national technology firm

In this age of rapid innovation, you may have anticipated important changes in the way businesses would adapt to emerging technologies and started a successful consulting business. Recognizing the value in hiring qualified personnel, you recruited technology experts across the globe, including from the United States and several European countries. Now you need a way to connect this distributed workforce, support business continuity, build a team culture, and nurture collaboration and productivity. Webex Meetings with AT&T offers an immersive communications platform to overcome distances and form emotional connections that encourage trust and fruitful partnerships. And with its built-in security features, the platform helps protect proprietary company assets to help keep you competitive and thriving in the marketplace.

Bring the team together—even when they’re apart

All of this adds up to tremendous support for any organization that’s looking for ways to foster efficiency and creativity and support their employees, wherever they are. Fluid work and office situations require the flexibility to meet online so employees, customers, and partners make the right decisions. By improving the way your team operates, you can boost their ability to deliver powerful results. And because Webex Meetings with AT&T comes with powerful encryption and user identity safeguards built in, your collaborations sessions are highly confidential. Richer, highly secure meetings and more expressive communication tools can inspire your employees to realize their full potential as a group as they work toward common goals.

As the number of online meeting minutes rises and the amount of virtual business meetings increases, it’s critical to have an intuitive collaboration tool for your team. Technology is complex, and the pace of transformation is fast. By adopting the technologies that fit your business, you can gain a competitive edge in the market.

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¹ Statista, ”Reported meeting minutes of Cisco Webex worldwide in 2020,” October, 2020
² Nextiva, “30+ VoIP Statistics for Growing Businesses”