Security “in” and “of” the cloud

Takeaways from cybersecurity panel at 2018 AT&T Business Summit

by Kevin L. Jackson, Founder/CEO, GovCloud Network

Business innovation and cost savings seem to be the hallmarks of today’s great cloud migration.

While public cloud is undoubtedly an outsized piece of the conversation, news headlines of the latest data breach can make this move a very frightening proposition. The question of how to balance the downside of cloud computing risks with the upside of promising cost savings is, therefore, top of mind.

The dilemma becomes even more critical as your business starts leveraging the power of 5G telecommunications services. When added to existing network architectures and combined with other next-generation technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge-to-Edge capabilities, 5G will dramatically alter user experience – from retail to financial services, transportation to manufacturing, to healthcare and beyond.

Organizational governance changes associated with what cloud environment to use, who can use the environment, cloud solutions approval processes and overall data and application security are also daunting.


To fully realize the goal of remaining competitive and secure, decision-makers must address the risks head-on. This innovative path, however, requires them to answer many fundamental questions, including:

  • What is the difference between security from the cloud vs. security in the cloud?
  • How does cloud security compare to the physical security on site?
  • Who is responsible for securing data in the cloud?
  • What quick, simple steps can we take to secure data at a baseline level
  • Do we need to rely only on cloud service provider security services?
  • What security frameworks or standards should we use in getting started?

Answering these, and other essential cybersecurity questions were the primary task during the “Security ‘In’ the Cloud and ‘Of’ the Cloud“ panel I participated in during the AT&T Business Summit in Dallas, Texas. While enjoying the honor of being teamed with Danessa Lambdin, vice president of cybersecurity for AT&T Business and Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Security Alliance, we were able to address the overwhelming task of securely using “the cloud.”

During the 60-minute conversation, we talked about how to understand the best ways to use the cloud, getting services “from” the cloud and how to use solutions “in” the cloud. We also addressed the most cost-effective path towards understanding cloud security and knowing how to avoid data loss and how to maintain customer confidence.

Collaborating on this panel gave us the opportunity to highlight AT&T cybersecurity services and their unique ability to bring together a global network of 24/7 operations centers and the AT&T multi-layer defense approach to address cybersecurity risks in even the most complex environments. These services include:

  • Threat Intelligence - A trusted advisor to help you put the right people, processes, and technology together to elevate trust with your customers, employees, and leaders in helping to prevent, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats.
  • Mobile and Endpoint Security - a trusted source with strategic and innovative suppliers so you can have the visibility and control of your data.
  • Mobile Threat Defense - A tool that uses a mix of vulnerability management, anomaly detection, behavioral profiling, code emulation, intrusion prevention, and transport security technologies to help defend mobile devices and applications from cyber threats.
  • Infrastructure Security - Giving your business the security it needs to help protect your network against threats that can cost you money, time, and reputation.
  • Data and App Security - Strengthen your perimeter from every edge of your business to help protect your data and applications.
  • Consulting - Tailored to your specific environment, AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting Services addresses the essentials of security with a multi-layered approach.

Visit the AT&T cybersecurity solutions page to learn more about their industry-leading capabilities.

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