SD-WAN and LTE WAN: Made for each other

How an enterprise got flexible, cost-effective connectivity for 6,000 retail locations with an infrastructure of SD-WAN and LTE wireless connectivity

by Chris Lamont, Area Manager, AT&T Network Engineering, Next-Gen Networking Solution Delivery

If you’re a business with numerous locations—even thousands—did you know that you can build a hybrid network of wireless WAN and SD-WAN to:

  • Support your network’s overall performance
  • Reduce costs (no laying physical outside lines and no inside wiring to install and manage)
  • Gather and correlate traffic data for rapid reporting and enhanced optimization of each site

For the business with the right data traffic patterns, wireless transport and software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs)—working together—deliver powerful benefits and synergies. These technologies can also solve a variety of vexing challenges your network faces.