The next generation of IoT Connectivity Management is here

Enabling businesses to build better, run smarter, and dream bigger

by Robert Boyanovsky - Vice President, AT&T Mobility & IoT

With the recent digital transformation boom and the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we have responded by ushering in our next generation of AT&T IoT Connectivity Management, combining the industry’s best components to deliver worldwide reach, built on the power of our highly secure networks.

Whether you’re deploying your first IoT solution or you’re expanding into global markets, taking control of your connected devices and managing your IoT is critical to the success of your business. You need an integrated, feature-rich solution that enables you to easily deploy, optimize, and manage your IoT connectivity around the globe – with the ease of a cloud-based user interface. And you need management that meets your IoT needs today but also well into the future to sustain your expected outcomes.

Managing the connectivity of your devices gives you the power to monitor and influence performance, revenue growth, total cost of ownership, and customer experiences to transform your business. Watch our latest video to learn more about AT&T IoT Connectivity Management, check out our industry videos (listed below), and go to our website to see what AT&T IoT can do for your business.

AT&T IoT Connectivity Management offers:

  • Rapid, global scalability
  • Service reliability across the AT&T network supporting millions of endpoint connections
  • Performance and cost optimization plus diagnostics, analytics, and troubleshooting
  • Service, support, and advice by our IoT experts and AT&T Professional Services
  • Easy management and usage monitoring via a customizable user interface with a rich set of APIs, alerts, near-real-time activations/deactivations, and more
  • Multi-layered security with AT&T Netbond® for Cloud to help safeguard your data, devices, and systems

Starting with a focus on simplicity and flexibility, AT&T developed an evolved user interface capable of managing multiple mobile network cores for mass IoT deployments or a single-use case. The portal experience aggregates the following IoT components: SIM ordering, activation, lifecycle maintenance, diagnostics, reporting, analytics, and billing.

AT&T is there for industries

Your IoT needs are unique, and so are your business objectives. We’ve engineered an industry-first, edge-to-edge IoT Connectivity Management portfolio to provide our customers with different operating models, and we can customize the best solutions for your goals and according to your industry’s specifics and requirements.

How do you want to get ahead? Watch these videos for more information about how we are helping businesses across industries harness the power of IoT:

AT&T IoT Connectivity Management is empowering Healthcare practices to reduce costs, enhance patient care, and advance healthcare treatment around the globe. We are helping the Manufacturing industry optimize productivity, streamline IoT operations, and manage costs. And with AT&T IoT solutions, businesses in the Utilities industry can streamline operations and manage the monitoring of facilities and resources. And finally, watch how we help businesses in the Transportation industry keep their operations running in the fast lane. 

Innovative, cloud-based IoT connectivity management services from AT&T make it easy to launch and manage your IoT solutions worldwide. We are ready to help you get started.