How the AT&T network powers life-changing connected health devices

Connected health innovation

by Joseph Mosele, Vice President of Business Development, AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

The innovation in the healthcare industry is truly amazing. 

Thanks to technological advances, connected health devices can be life-changing – and even life-saving. It’s evident in the work we’re doing with our customers and other industry leaders in this space.

Several revolutionary connected health devices from our customers are connected by Internet of Things (IoT) Technology.

Smart glasses

Aira helps people who are blind and visually impaired get through everyday tasks. Using AT&T-connected smart glasses, Aira’s groundbreaking assistive technology helps people tackle new challenges while giving them more independence.

Sleep apnea treatment

DreamStation by Philips makes treating sleep apnea comfortable, simple, quiet and smart, helping users experience sleep as it's intended to be. The positive airway pressure (PAP) sleep therapy device connects patients and care teams. Users embrace their care with confidence via the DreamMapper self-management app. Care teams practice efficient and effective patient management through remote troubleshooting and data.

Vital sign monitoring platform

Connected health devices must be easy to use. This is evident with ARC Connected Health’s Smart V.S. Vital Sign monitoring platform. This easy to use hand held module integrates the below five critical vital signs measurements into one easy-to-use, handheld device:   

  • Blood pressure   
  • Heart rate   
  • Respiration   
  • SPo2   
  • Temperature

The noninvasive test takes two minutes and measurements automatically populate vital data via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity to a patient’s medical record.

Cardiovascular testing device

The CADence™ by AUM Cardiovascular is also noninvasive and wireless.  

This handheld device with advanced analytics is a tool to aid in the analysis of normal/physiological and pathological heart murmurs using acoustics and ECG. Undetected, severe coronary blockages can lead to a heart attack – and in some instances, sudden death. The CADence is a quick, no-needle, zero-radiation test which can be used to detect heart murmurs associated with intracoronary turbulence. Diagnostic test results are delivered in about 10 minutes.

Robotic care

Keeping patients engaged in their treatments can be an important part of healthcare. This is why Catalia Health developed the Mabu Robot.

The robotic care management platform is scalable and affordable. What's more, it interacts with patients like a human, remembers information, learns about the patient, and personalizes conversations.

Mobile personal safety solution

More than 100,000 Nortek Security & Control’s Numera Libris devices connect over the AT&T network. This device is an all-in-one mobile personal safety solution for independent, aging individuals.

Numera Libris is integrated with EverThere cloud service, and any smart device can use the solution to notify loved ones of an issue. GPS, fall detection and two-way voice features provide peace of mind to users and their family members.

Wireless connectivity and eDevice WireX converters

All the above devices use AT&T wireless connectivity, which makes remote monitoring easy and accessible from anywhere. And now it's easier than ever to mobilize medical equipment for patients.

To help easily switch legacy equipment from traditional landlines to cellular, eDevice developed WireX – an analog-to-wireless converter. This is a flexible and cost-effective solution.  

Read more about our work with eDevice here.

AT&T Connected Marketplace  

Our customers are using IoT technology in all of these cutting-edge solutions. And together, we’re revolutionizing healthcare.

We’re also making connected solutions – like our connected health devices – more accessible through our AT&T Connected Marketplace. Check out the site for the latest products and services enabled by AT&T IoT technology. The site launched in April and we’re continuing to expand our inventory each month.

Learn more about how AT&T is helping to shape the future through IoT Innovation.