Your business phone system and your mobile phone—all in one package

AT&T brings UCaaS and mobility together with AT&T Office@Hand Wireless, created to support the “virtually anywhere” workforce.

by Rich Shaw, Vice President, Voice & Collaboration, AT&T Business

Today’s businesses are operating with a mix of workers in the office, at home, or on-the-go — all trying to connect to each other from various places. Frequently coined the ‘hybrid workplace,’ this new workforce business model means employees require better quality and easier experiences from their business applications to support collaboration no matter where they get work done.

A new cloud-mobile convergence solution from AT&T Business combines cloud communications and business mobility into one simple end-user experience that’s ideal for the hybrid workplace, because it allows employees to transform their smartphones into a business-class phone system to catch every phone call. Employees can now get a mobile phone, desk phone, and cloud communications app from their employer that all have the same phone number—providing a unified solution no matter the device. It’s a single cloud and mobile platform, designed for the hybrid workplace. And it’s available now, from AT&T Business.

According to a recent Gartner CFO survey, 74% of companies will give their employees the opportunity to permanently work from home. AT&T Office@Hand Wireless. A UCaaS solution, offers an innovative way to keep them connected. 

Introducing AT&T Office@Hand Wireless

AT&T Office@Hand Wireless erases the line between the everyday desk phone and a corporate mobile phone, while adding powerful cloud features. Mobile employees can access features typically found on an office phone right from their mobile devices, including receiving phone calls from the auto-receptionist, managing pager/intercom capabilities, recording calls, and dialing extensions. And rather than needing to access an application to make a call or access these features, users can simply use the native phone book or dialer on their phones. These features enable an employee to work where they want to work, whether in the office, at home, or other on-the-go remote locations.

AT&T Office@Hand Wireless features include:

  • An auto receptionist voice response service that routes calls quickly to the right person, wherever your employees are working.
  • Simultaneous and sequential ring options to enable better customer service by minimizing calls going to voicemail.
  • Extension or 3-6 digit dialing, which can be designed based on department, location, or customized to fit a specific need, to reach a person or department fast.
  • Single outbound number ID so every employee displays the same company number across all company devices for better brand recognition.
  • Cloud-based administration to manage users, route calls, and access analytics from a self-serve web portal.
  • Pre-built integrations so users can stream mobile call data into other apps.
  • The ability to flip calls between a mobile phone and desktop or desk phone easily.
  • A web portal for easy access to manage service features such as dialing restrictions, hunt groups, call queue schedules and recordings, and end-user configurations.
  • By routing calls over VoLTE, AT&T Office@Hand Wireless customers get a dedicated channel for voice traffic with preferential treatment over data.

Embedded into full Unified Communications as a Service

Office@Hand Wireless is available as a mobile-only solution for business customers and also as a feature for AT&T Office@Hand, which provides the added benefits of messaging, video conferencing, desktop apps and desk phones, premium integrations, open APIs, and more. AT&T Office@Hand and AT&T Office@Hand Wireless combine cloud communications and business mobility into one simple end-user experience that’s perfect for the hybrid workplace. Employees can now get a mobile phone, desk phone, and cloud communications app with one phone number, working near seamlessly and providing amazing quality.

Enhanced by 5G

AT&T Office@Hand users benefit from better connectivity for voice and video calls. Video is a killer feature for most organizations, as video requires high bandwidth and low latency. As we evolve to hybrid work, having a fully-functional cloud communications and business mobility solution means better access to video and phone features on the go, as well as in emerging fixed 5G environments.

The future is now: enabling today’s mobile-first, hybrid workforce

The key to maintaining employee satisfaction, retention, and ultimately profitability will be enabling a mobile-first workforce. AT&T Office@Hand Wireless is built with simplicity to help support employees so they can be more productive and effective. It can be rapidly deployed and scaled.

Learn more about how AT&T Office@Hand Wireless can support your hybrid workforce today and into the future.