AT&T Wins Leadership Award in Mobile Asset Management

Frost & Sullivan award recognizes AT&T Business for its comprehensive portfolio, quality, reliability, and performance in the industry

by the AT&T Business Editorial Team

AT&T Business has won Best Practices Product Leadership Award in the Mobile Asset Management industry. Frost & Sullivan, a business consulting firm, granted the award to recognize AT&T Business for its comprehensive portfolio, quality, reliability, and performance in the industry.

Frost & Sullivan’s team of experts continuously identifies and evaluates growth opportunities across multiple industries, technologies, and regions of the world. The consulting firm concluded that AT&T beats the competition based on its comprehensive and growing portfolio, proactive product development efforts, and close post-sale relationship with key customers.

Mobile asset management solutions from AT&T are designed to tackle communications and efficiency problems in today’s supply chain, from small construction firms that need to track five units to large multinational companies with millions in assets.

“In today’s growing mobile asset management market, AT&T is innovating on platform, partnerships, technology, and use cases,” said Jeanine Sterling, Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan. “Its mobile asset management solutions are a key component in the carrier’s larger effort to create an optimized, end-to-end supply chain built on real-time asset information and powerful analytics.”

Dynamic portfolio

Frost & Sullivan defines mobile asset management (MAM) offerings as solutions that use wireless tracking devices and cellular, location, and sensor technologies to remotely locate and monitor moveable assets that are outside of a company’s walls. AT&T has assembled a portfolio of mobile asset management solutions that is robust enough to tackle myriad problems in today’s supply chain, according to Frost & Sullivan. AT&T solutions offer basic GPS location tracking, sensors, analytics, and proactive planning. These solutions fit into three categories: field equipment tracking, trailer and container tracking, and high-value cargo tracking.

Key AT&T offerings include:

Proven reliability, quality, and value-add

Products in the AT&T Mobile Asset Management portfolio consistently meet or exceed customer expectations for performance and length of service, according to Frost & Sullivan. AT&T ensures its offerings meet or exceed relevant industry standards; for example, supporting the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) standard.

Mobile asset management solutions from AT&T are offered in a cloud-based as-a-service format that is priced on a per-device per-month subscription basis. This subscription model results in an affordable, easy-to-scale product that can be attractive to businesses of all sizes. Companies also benefit from theft protection, avoidance of spoilage and expensive losses, lowered transport and warehousing costs, increased operational efficiencies, and enhanced visibility into chain-of-ownership.

One-stop shop

Supply chain managers struggle to address inefficiencies, including poor coordination, a lack of visibility into worker performance and asset health, disconnected processes, and high asset risk and exposure. The product portfolio from AT&T can address a spectrum of mobile asset management needs—from tracking to sensor monitoring, to analytics, to proactive planning. AT&T is uniquely able to offer a complete MAM solution that bundles network connectivity, devices, apps, services, and support into a convenient one-stop shop for current and prospective customers.

Growth potential in key markets

A Frost & Sullivan business survey reveals that more than 70% of businesses that are deploying or planning to deploy MAM solutions expect their MAM needs to grow over the near term. Leading providers thrive by identifying and pursuing new areas of need, use cases, and vertical markets. Product teams at AT&T are identifying and pursuing growth opportunities in the areas of dry trailers, agriculture, paramedic and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and more. Newer technologies that enable proactive planning—such as artificial intelligence and machine learning—are also being integrated.

Read the full Frost & Sullivan report.

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