AT&T Business Fiber is coming to 750 U.S. McDonald’s locations

by Michael Colaneri, Vice President of Global Business, Retail and Enterprise Solutions

The last 24 months have triggered a revolution in consumer habits and expectations in the restaurant and food industry. Diners now crave contactless payments, online ordering, curbside pickup, food delivery, and outdoor dining. And what will the restaurant industry look like 5 years from now? High-speed internet will be a critical engine for growth and innovation so restaurants can create entirely new customer experiences.

The challenge

McDonald’s wanted to satisfy customer expectations today while opening the door for emerging technologies in the future. The restaurant chain knew the importance of quality Wi-Fi and internet for its customers and reliable connectivity for the McDonald’s Global Mobile App.

The solution

AT&T Business Fiber is internet that upgrades everything. It helps businesses sell more goods, reach more audiences, and work faster and smarter. Services provided over fiber can transmit more information faster than cable for conferencing, file transfers, and cloud applications with equivalent download and upload speeds.

AT&T Business and McDonald’s USA have expanded their relationship to bring ultra-fast AT&T Business Fiber to more than 750 McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S. The symmetrical high-speed connectivity of the AT&T fiber network will provide these locations with the ability to elevate the customer experience today while planning ahead for the promise of emerging technologies.

The bottom line

McDonald’s USA chose AT&T Business Fiber to better serve its customers now and in the future.

Reliable connectivity to the McDonald’s Global Mobile App enables speedy delivery of services like contactless Mobile Order & Pay, which has never been more important. Expanding fiber connectivity to more restaurants will provide the infrastructure necessary to support and deploy technologies like this more effectively.

Many McDonald’s customers visit with their mobile devices and connect via Wi-Fi to catch up on the latest hit TV show, do their homework, or connect with family on a video chat. The speed and reliability of AT&T Business Fiber will enhance these experiences for more restaurant guests as well as employees.

As one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, McDonald’s has a history of embracing new technologies to deliver superior customer experiences. As the industry evolves, McDonald’s plans to use its fiber-enhanced connectivity to unleash the potential of continued advancements in technologies like the Internet of Things and edge computing.

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