AT&T brings Mobility-as-a-Service to enterprise mobility solutions

AT&T Business Mobility-as-a-Service helps you take control of your mobile solutions

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Mobile devices have infiltrated businesses across the spectrum – from retail and food service to manufacturing and public transportation. These mobile solutions bring several advantages to the workforce, often increasing efficiency, opportunity, and profitability.

But, these mobile solutions have their own caveat; namely, the responsibility of procuring and managing the devices (and applications), which can number in the thousands. Enterprise mobility deployment is often a ‘piece-meal’ project, with a company approaching several different vendors for various aspects of their mobile solution. This can lead to devices, applications, and accessories each being accounted for on separate contracts or billing platforms.

Often, the company then owns all of these assets, and is responsible for the inventory, maintenance, and lifecycle aspects. This leads to valuable time and resources being spent on upkeep, rather than on more progressive initiatives.

All of this can make mobile deployment overwhelming and minimizes the efficiency the solution was designed to enhance.

With this in mind, AT&T wants to change the way we offer our enterprise-grade mobile solutions.

Designed by your business, for your business

AT&T Business Mobility-as-a-Service is a monthly subscription model that takes all the headache and hard work out of managing your mobile solutions, while allowing you to customize your plan with the exact devices and applications you need.

With this service, you can select your mobile solutions plan by simply selecting the device, accessories, and services that make sense for your workforce. We then take it from there and provide the full lifecycle support and management of your devices. This includes actions such as:

  • security checks
  • system wipes
  • inventory tracking
  • replacements

“Companies can have fleets of devices,” says Robert Boyanovsky, VP of Enterprise Mobility, “They enable companies to experience rapid growth and agility. But keeping up with maintenance and support is challenging. AT&T Business Mobility-as-a-Service aims to bring efficiency and productivity to this system. Now, businesses can control what is essential to them and have the flexibility to scale as they grow, without the headache of managing all of these devices, accessories, and applications.

The benefits         

  • Controlled costs: Now a predictable monthly expense, your mobile solution no longer adds variability or uncertainty to your budget. One monthly fee is all it takes to cover the breadth of your mobile deployment.
  • Simplified management: The service enables you to have access to the latest devices along with the necessary services you may need for your mobility projects. Managers can empower their teams with a mobility solution that helps IT professionals to focus on more critical pursuits without having to manage that solution.
  • Sustainability: The trade-in program helps your team to have access to the latest devices and software while your old devices are thoroughly wiped and responsibly recycled.

Utilize the breadth of our comprehensive service and expertise to take your mobility solution to the next level. AT&T can pull all the pieces together, so you can focus on growing your business.

To empower your team with a future-ready mobile solution, visit our Mobility-as-a-Service page.