Why your bank should offer complimentary Wi-Fi

And how you can get everything Wi-Fi offers you

by Johanna Key, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, AT&T In-Building Solutions & Wi-Fi

Complimentary in-branch Wi-Fi can boost foot traffic by almost 56%. That’s really not that surprising, since everyone knows they can surf between the velvet ropes without racking up huge data overages. What is surprising is that 40% of those same customers say they don’t mind if the wait gets a little long.

Of course, slow Wi-Fi can try customers’ patience more than a talkative teller. But assuming you’ve found a reliable link with the bandwidth to handle the lunch hour rush, there are deeper benefits that complimentary Wi-Fi can deliver—not just to your customers but your staff, your individual branches and your overall organization.

Create better customer experiences

In our increasingly digital world, many transactions still demand the human touch: opening a deposit account, or seeking in-depth financial advice. The technology that can make your customers’ wait go by quicker can also make their visit more informative and engaging.

Even before they log on to your network, complimentary Wi-Fi makes it clear you understand your customers’ need to stay connected. And once they’re logged on you know who they are; a greeting on their mobile phone can let them know someone will be able to see them in three minutes. When that moment arrives, a banker can greet them by name.

And, since you know who’s standing in line, it’s easy to deliver meaningful, targeted offers, alerts and promotions to each device. Maybe this is the day they finally download your app and start banking through their phone.

Wi-Fi can also be used to power digital signage, interactive kiosks, or even the thermostat. It all goes to creating a better customer experience.

A building block for a better in-branch experience


Create an easier work environment

Many of the advantages for customers are also a boon to your managers and staff. A customer who doesn’t feel their wait was long is an easier customer to deal with once they reach the head of the line. Changing digital signage takes a few keyboard strokes—not a ladder. 

And, because offers and promotions have already been delivered via the customer’s device, the ice has already been broken. A customer who asks about an offer is a customer who’s much more willing to listen.

Obviously, all of this is only possible through a highly secure connection. The privacy of your customers, their trust in your institution, and your continued stability and prosperity depend upon it. That said, the same Wi-Fi that helps customers to enjoy their wait time can streamline your entire operation, enabling you to provide truly personal service.

Create deeper customer relationships

Information from customer logins can provide birthdays, anniversaries of time with your bank, and other details that can serve as the building blocks for better customer relations.

You can choose to control your network from a central location or delegate autonomy to chosen branches. A flexible cloud deployment eliminates the need for on-site hardware and tech staff. And custom-built applications can meet unique local situations.

Obviously, offering complimentary Wi-Fi is more than a convenience. It can facilitate better customer experiences. It can make work easier for everyone from the teller windows to corporate headquarters. And, it can enable more meaningful ways for you to relate to and engage with the customers you have—and the ones you want to attract.

For details and additional insights, visit our AT&T Wi-Fi Enterprise solutions site.