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Cybersecurity for manufacturing demands a multi-layered approach

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

 Any fan of crime dramas knows that when criminals plan a heist, they often require an “inside man” to gain access to the business. Even in white collar crime films it’s often the unassuming employee who manages to hack into the system to get away with millions, virtually undetected.

Hollywood may be exaggerating when they show the stars of these plots emerging unscathed and creating a whole new life from a single heist; however, it’s no exaggeration to portray how vulnerable companies may be from internal threats to their valuable assets. In the case of manufacturing, data is the priceless jewel that’s often taken by either an inside actor or someone who has access to their network.

Although a manufacturer may know that some sort of protections are needed, it’s easy to underestimate just how vulnerable their facilities are. The seemingly infinite number of endpoints that access the network in a manufacturing operation provide opportunities for criminals to discover access points that may be exposed. This includes the executive office, the factory floor, and especially the third-party vendors who are not company compliant.

Proper cybersecurity requires a multi-layered approach that begins with a comprehensive risk assessment, and then having a highly secure network that serves as the foundation for the connected endpoints. Continuous monitoring is also a requirement to stay up-to-date with cybercrime tactics.

By building from the ground up from education, to foundation, implementation, and monitoring, both internal and external actors who can cause harm to your business have a more challenging time of gaining access to and getting away with this expensive crime. In addition, external threats may be less likely to gain access to your network as well.

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