Use your tablet as a marketing tool #LikeABoss

It’s way more awesome than a bigger screen

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

“Tablets are so 2012,” said someone who obviously never used one. While the initial hype has run its course, the functionality and technical capability of these convenient computers keep getting better. And that’s especially good news for businesses.

Most small business owners use some type of mobile technology (tablets included) for business – whether it’s for social media marketing, photography or more. In 2015, 58 percent of businesses employing 100 people or fewer were using tablets. So, is a tablet beneficial for you? Check out the two types of businesses below to see where you fall, and find out how you can use tablets to market your business #LikeABoss.

1. Brick-and-mortar/online store

Your business sells actual, physical things – and that’s a perfect reason to add a tablet to your workforce. If you’re operating a brick-and-mortar, you can wave goodbye to your clunky cash register. With payment apps and mobile credit card readers, a tablet becomes your point-of-sale device. In addition, it can act as a customer retention tool – asking customers to input their email addresses or phone numbers so you can contact them after they’ve left your store. You can also keep track of their purchases for data purposes as well as rewards. That means no more punch cards that magically grow legs and run away right before that free coffee punch, thank goodness.

If you’re running an online shop, you carry your business with you everywhere you go. A tablet’s size alone can make your constant schedule easier to maintain; no need to whip out your laptop in the middle of your niece’s birthday party, or make typo-ridden social media posts from your smaller smartphone screen. A tablet’s screen and size is a great fit for doing business on the go. Plus, the portability is excellent for popups or special events, too.

2. Professional services

Yep, “professional services” could mean pretty much anything. If your business runs on client services, tablets are kind of like your new “easy” button. You can eliminate the need for paper (and expensive printer ink – what’s that stuff made out of, anyway?), give presentations, and keep your workload and tasks more organized.

What’s more, especially if your business and employees are sales-focused, a tablet can be seen as a high-tech tool by potential customers. It shows your business cares about its customers’ needs because it cares about the tools it uses to meet them.

If your business doesn’t seem to fit in the two types above, that doesn’t mean tablets are wrong for you. As with most widespread tech toys, it’s all about finding the ways it works particularly for your business. Or, you could find new and exciting ways to market your business with tablets, and see how it goes from there.

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