Transforming the insurance customer experience

Watch the new use case video to see how an insurance firm relies on AT&T contact center solutions to surpass the customer’s expectations

by Anita Stein

Consumers are relying more heavily on contact centers. One of the ways businesses are adapting to this shift is through artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technology.

For instance, when an insurance company wanted to support a more intuitive and intelligent policy renewal procedure, it turned to AT&T Business for innovative automation solutions for their contact center. By enhancing and streamlining their contact center platforms, the company was able to implement a true omnichannel experience to guide customers through each stage of the sales process. After integrating AI tools such as intelligent routing, agents received insights from conversational AI and could personalize their interactions with individual customers to facilitate a more satisfying customer experience.

From an initial email notifying customers that their auto policy was expiring to intelligent automation and digital policy sign-off, this more personalized experience has reduced unnecessary steps and inconvenient delays. In addition, the insurance company can now capture campaign metrics and monitor and record agent activities.

By implementing AI in the automation process, businesses provide customers a more personalized interaction—even during pandemic precautions and practices. AI can quickly draw on previous interaction histories and help ensure a more productive encounter, and even recommend additional services that might meet the needs of a particular customer. It can also help guide customers to the most qualified agents, ultimately accelerating resolution times. AI also benefits agents by matching them with customers who can benefit most from their particular skill sets.

Watch the video to learn how AT&T Contact Center solutions can give your customers a more personalized, efficient, and flexible experience to enhance their trust and loyalty.