The speed and security of fiber internet over cable

AT&T Business Fiber gives you the speed your business needs when it matters most

by Aaron Miller, Lead Channel Manager

It’s almost time for your big product launch. You’ve been teasing this launch for months and actively promoting it to your customers. In just a couple of weeks, your big day will be here. Your team will be taking orders and answering questions and your customers will be both onsite and online to verify that all the buzz is true. You have one question, though.

Can your internet handle the load of all of the activity that’ll be happening? You’ve been dedicated to cable for years, but your IT consultant has advised that fiber optic internet – also known as fiber internet, is better to handle the traffic you’re expecting. They’ve also warned that your connectivity needs to be cyber secure.

With no active IT onsite, you need to make the right decision about your internet service… and you need to make it now. Otherwise, this chance to expand your growing business could be a gamble that goes bust.

Cable vs. fiber internet? Which is best when it comes to speed? There really is no comparison between the two. With consistently faster speeds and up to 80 percent more bandwidth, AT&T Business Fiber® brings an even faster internet experience than cable. Fiber internet offers this speed, security, and many more benefits. Read on to find out more about how AT&T Business Fiber can help you make sure your internet can keep up with the needs for your small business

Also, read or listen to our article “What is fiber internet?” to learn how you can have consistently higher speeds with high reliability.

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