The increasingly mobile enterprise

The right mobility solutions help businesses better support their customers

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Businesses depend on reliable and effective communications to help deliver products and services to customers and to provide pre- and post-sales support. Consumer demands have changed, and businesses have had to refine their communications tools to adapt to changing business requirements. The result is that companies are finding that more of their internal and customer facing communications need to be mobile. The challenge is finding mobile communication services that provide the full set of business capabilities to meet key business requirements.

As business users used to wrestle with this challenge, wireless service came to be recognized as the only communications option available that could provide the high reliability, coverage, and combination of voice, data, and text services businesses needed in this new environment. The problem facing businesses was that the basic wireless services were geared towards the requirements of consumers. Businesses found that they needed those consumer capabilities to engage with their customers via text and social media, but they also needed features that would allow them to operate as a business.

There were business communications systems designed to provide those essential business services including auto-attendants, internal station-to-station calling, and hunt groups. However, all of those were designed for wired telephone service only. Mobile workers needed to communicate in all forms such as voice, email, and text, but  they were forced to use wireless services that were designed with selfies, social posts, and emojis (i.e. “consumer requirements”) in mind.

The wireless industry has  responded to this need with mobile services that deliver highly reliable mobile voice/data/text services, but enhanced with the types of business oriented capabilities that users once turned to wired PBX and key telephone systems (KTS) to provide. Fortunately, those mobile business services are cloud- or “network”-based and use the same favored mobile devices the users already have – allowing businesses to implement these mobile solutions with little disruption and no significant out-front investment.

AT&T offers a range of mobile-first business services that can deliver businesses the capabilities originally found only in legacy wired telephone systems. The ability to have necessary  business services over a highly reliable mobile network is a game changer

Having these services as a mobile rather than a wired solution means that businesses can be more accessible, more responsive, and ultimately more successful in serving their customers. Learn more today.