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Using SMS is an effective way to improve ROI

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Text messaging (SMS) is modern, sleek and stylish. Okay, maybe it’s not. But texting is direct, simple and effective. And that trifecta makes it a critical marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Check out this data if you’re not convinced: Texting is the most popular activity for smartphone owners, and the average open rate for SMS is almost 98%.

If you haven’t skipped ahead to the good stuff yet, go ahead and brush up on some texting etiquette. When it comes to SMS, limit your messages to 160 characters (and include an unsubscribe option each time). Don’t over-text, and only send a message when it’s hyper-relevant (i.e. text your café’s special the day it’s available, not a week in advance). Oh, and don’t send messages to people who haven’t opted in – but you already knew that, hopefully.

Got all that? Great, moving on to what you really came here to read.        

Appointment reminders and billing

Many voicemails go straight into voicemail-box purgatory (it’s a thing). Simply texting a reminder can decrease no-shows, and you can ask customers to confirm their appointments, too. The same goes for billing, as some companies even allow customers to pay by texting back a specific response.        

Discounts, vouchers and rewards card 

Texting coupons and special offers is a no-brainer. But you’ve got brains, don’t you? For example, you could offer a rewards program that instead of based on points, it’s a more sophisticated and personal response system that determines perks based on when and what customers buy.         

Let customers talk to you

Businesses talk to their customers. All. The. Time. So it’s time to let your customers talk to you – they’ll have insights you wouldn’t know otherwise. Next time someone stops by, follow up with a text asking them about their experience, or link them to a short survey that offers a coupon if they complete it.

Orders, reorders and confirmation

If you’ve ever ordered something, you can most likely agree that it’s nice to receive a text saying, “Hey, we’ve got your order and we’re working on it.” Sure, you know it’s not from a specific person, but doesn’t it make you feel like someone, somewhere is looking out for you? Giving your customers a little reassurance makes their experience way more enjoyable.        

Landline texting: like SMS, but better (for some)

If this tech service could have picked its name, it might have chosen something a little more exciting. Don’t let it fool you, though, as landline texting could be the perfect texting service for your business. While most people are cutting their landline cords, they still expect businesses to have one – and they prefer calling over reaching out online. Landline texting makes your business phone work harder for you.

For one, it lets customers text your landline number, and sends it to a platform you can use to respond through your computer or smartphone. This provides a more immediate and one-on-one exchange when compared to SMS. Plus, your business will be able to text and call with the same phone number, whereas SMS requires a different phone number. 

Landline texting is a good service to use if you’re just starting out, and in the future you could see if a more DIY texting campaign is good for your business.