Staying ahead of the IoT curve

by Mike Troiano

The Internet of Things is fast becoming essential to a broad range of industries – from agriculture to connected vehicles to healthcare.

Businesses once launched hundreds or thousands of IoT devices. Now, it’s millions. And growing every day.

We provide IoT solutions to businesses of every size and scope, across a broad set of industries and around the globe. We find that no two companies are alike. Some face unique organizational challenges. They are all at various stages of adoption and implementation of IoT.

But they all have common goals and concerns: They need to protect their data. They’re looking to gain operational efficiencies. They want to generate new revenue streams. And they need to manage connected assets. And do it all efficiently.

AT&T Control Center

That’s where AT&T Control Center comes in.

AT&T Control Center, powered by Cisco Jasper, offers a cloud-based automated platform with powerful capabilities. It lets businesses launch, manage and quickly scale connected devices.

A manufacturer needs to focus on its core business. AT&T Control Center’s automation, SIM activation rules and comprehensive diagnostics reduce the burden on staff. Less time on the phone with the call center, more time optimizing IoT-supported devices and applications in near real time.

We’re now on the cusp of massive scale and diversity in the IoT market with billions of connected devices coming on line. The ability to secure and analyze the IoT environment is more basic to success today than ever. Prioritizing security and data in the IoT environment is more fundamental to success than ever. Protecting devices and customer data is paramount.

AT&T Control Center – Advanced

But we’re not done. AT&T Control Center – Advanced gives you more control.

We’ve teamed once again with Cisco Jasper, the global IoT platform leader, to bring new capabilities to Control Center.

New features can help our customers grow their IoT businesses faster, more securely and with less cost. We’re also introducing a new set of premium services for more advanced IoT deployments. Customers will see benefits like:

  • Improved security – New security features identify issues and safeguard data, devices and IT systems. With AT&T Netbond® for Cloud, businesses can connect to AT&T Control Center via AT&T VPN.
  • Analytics – Diagnostics, analytics and alerts help you monitor, optimize performance, and respond to unusual behavior more effectively.
  • Automation – We’ve automated the entire IoT service lifecycle to help you scale – whether for more devices, markets or new business models.

AT&T and Cisco Jasper also have added performance visualization tools. Now product developers can see device failures over time and spot trends before they become problems.

Businesses want to go beyond collecting data from their connected assets. They need to extract meaningful insights and put them to use. With these new capabilities, business customers can lower costs and transform their business operations to stay ahead of the IoT curve.