Protecting information with a multi-layer approach

The way we operate in the business world is changing

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team

The way we operate in the business world is changing. 

We can make changes faster, keep better track of information, and resolve problems as they happen. But none of these are valuable to a company without a focus on security. 

The ability to effectively collect data or transmit information can be considered useless if that information could be stolen or compromised in some way – and today’s businesses and consumers can’t afford to have their information stolen or compromised.

In order to protect Information, companies should consider a multi-layer approach:

  • Devices – Be it a coffee maker, a pacemaker, or a smartphone, the device should be secured. Password protections and fingerprint scanners can be vital tools, and security should always be kept in mind when devices are built.
  • Networking – The network itself must be a secure channel through which data can be transmitted. That security can be strengthened by creating Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
  • Applications – Individual applications should be protected as well. Using additional login information, passcode protection, or security defenses around individual applications helps ensure that when you utilize that function on your device, it’s keeping your information safe.
  • Analytics – Advanced analytics can monitor network traffic and activity, and spot things that could be a problem. protections can evolve to suit the threat landscape.