Prepare for the upcoming 2G/3G sunsets now

Read how AT&T can help your business transition your network seamlessly

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team

 JULY 2020

The world of mobile communications changes with astonishing speed. The network technology that supported the mobile ecosystem for more than a decade, 2G and 3G, can no longer keep up with today’s demand.

The time to sunset these generations of wireless networks has come, which means companies need to upgrade their 2G/3G-supported technology and devices or risk business disruption. By redistributing capacity to newer generations of networks, like 4G LTE and soon 5G, providers create opportunities for better user experiences and increased efficiency across the entire network spectrum.

AT&T Business has already begun the work of transitioning networks to replacement technologies. To help your business implement a successful network migration, we’ve prepared a whitepaper covering each critical step. It includes recommendations on how to form a transition plan and work with a professional consultant. 

The whitepaper includes:

  • How to perform a network device audit
  • Tips on case mapping and planning
  • Sourcing the right technology to help optimize your business
  • Recommendations on picking a qualified professional consultant

Don’t let the 2G/3G sunset sneak up on your business. Start planning today to help ensure your critical business capabilities are unaffected.

Read the whitepaper now.