Perspectives on Agility: Operational Effectiveness

Capture data and turn the insights into action

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team

According to DHL Trend Research, 50 billion “things” will be connected to the internet by 2020.

This continued increase in connectivity has resulted in access to information – information that many businesses have never seen before. 

“The benefits to access of information are better decision-making, identifying inefficiencies, and sparking collaboration,” says Camille Fournier, a chief technology officer (CTO) with a versatile combination of deep technical expertise, executive leadership, and engineering management.

In a video sponsored by AT&T Business, Fournier shared her thoughts on how critical it is for companies to achieve a new kind of agility by capturing data and turning the insights gained into action.

“Getting real-time, contextualized information is important from pretty much every source you can think of. From your customers, to your business partners, to your suppliers, to even the employees inside of your company.”  

Fournier is especially fascinated with the Internet of Things (IoT).

“We have a huge explosion in connected devices that has been happening and will continue to happen probably for the next 10 to 20 years.” 

These connected devices can now:

  • Push information back to you
  • Tell you about how they’re functioning
  • Tell you how they’re being used

“That information can be used to make decisions,” Fournier says. Thanks to IoT technology that continues to improve, some business are able to make important decisions quicker than ever. 

“It’s really useful to have data from today, from right now, from this past hour, from this past minute, because that lets you detect changes quickly when they happen, and take advantage of those resulting opportunities.”

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