Perspectives on Agility: Empowered Workforce

Businesses seek flexibility to collaborate from across the globe

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team

According to IDC, nearly 27 percent of businesses cite scalability and flexibility as the most compelling benefits of cloud-based collaboration.

These traits are key as workforces become increasingly mobile. 

“As a CTO, your entire job is to empower the workforce,” says Dmitry Koltunov, a seasoned technology leader, software architect and enterprise development enthusiast.

In a video sponsored by AT&T Business, Koltunov shared his thoughts on the importance of agility for employees.

“If you have great people, allowing them to execute at their best is a massive force multiplier.”

Koltunov has led the pursuit of agility in large and small companies alike, spanning the industries of finance and hospitality.  He currently serves as chief technology officer (CTO) and co-founder of ALICE, a growing NYC start-up pioneering a mobile service on-demand platform for hotels to interact with guests and staff. 

Thanks to recent technological improvements, leaders like Koltunov are able to bring teams together from across the globe. 

“The only reason that’s possible is because technology facilitates communication that’s as good as if we were in the same room together.”

Added Koltunov: “Being able to have virtual workforces offers businesses the flexibility to have employees operate wherever they can operate best, not where the infrastructure tells them that they need to be. As long as you can have a unified communications infrastructure that scales, your employees can be virtually anywhere.”

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