Overcoming network challenges in Manufacturing and Transportation

What we’re hearing from the manufacturing and transportation industries—and our advice for adjusting to the new work environment

by David Van Dorselaer, General Manager of Industry Solutions, AT&T Business

In our recent and ongoing discussions with manufacturers and those in transportation, we’ve heard that many currently need or anticipate the need for expanded technological support and network capabilities. Here are some current challenges and possible ways to overcome them.

CHALLENGE: Concern about cyber criminals attacking
ADVICE: You can check with cybersecurity consultants, who can help you assess your evolving network configuration. Also, any cybersecurity process that you can automate will alleviate some of the burden on your IT team.

CHALLENGE: Due to increased network volume across the nation as more people are working remote, manufacturers may experience increased bandwidth requirements, increased latency and crashes, and restricted or problematic access to critical apps; they want to add bandwidth, especially at hub sites
ADVICE: Software-defined networking and virtualization technologies can enable you to dial up bandwidth on demand to multiple sites. You can efficiently scale the network requirements quickly to help with increased traffic and other network-related stress.

CHALLENGE: Collaborating more with remote colleagues.
ADVICE: Equipping remote workers with enhanced collaboration tools and highly reliable mobile connections, so teams can group text, set and send alerts, have video and audio conferencing, and share access to files on the go.

CHALLENGE: Home connectivity for remote workers
ADVICE: Broadband is a shared medium that may not be enough to support access to the critical resources your company maintains. For those roles that need higher performance assurance, moving to fiber services at home may be a solution.

CHALLENGE: Streamlining operations and being able to rapidly adjust to fluctuations in demand
ADVICE: Make sure your workforce management platform is robust enough for your needs. It should be able to help you dispatch (create, modify, or update orders for deliveries, service calls, and more all from your phone or tablet), have visibility into the location and activities of your fleet or production equipment, and provide data and tools that help you refine your operations.

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