New variant of Petya malware affects businesses worldwide in yet another ransomware cyberattack

Learn about the most recent global cyberattack and what you can do to help protect your company

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

In May, the WannaCry ransomware cyberattack put businesses worldwide at risk.

Just weeks later, a similar attack has surfaced.

Companies across the globe – including government and critical infrastructure operators – reported widespread cyberattacks on Tuesday, June 27. The virus appeared to spread rapidly with reports of computer outages multiplying across Europe and in the U.S.

As the virus spread over the Microsoft Windows Operating System, security experts identified the attack as a new variant of the Petya malware. This new variant is being referred to as NotPetya or GoldenEye, depending on the source.

The malware appears to be using leaked hacking tools developed by the National Security Agency to target vulnerable corporate networks with outdated security software. Some of the leaked tools appear to mirror what the WannaCry malware exploited.

What you can do

To help protect your business, consider taking the following general security practices:

  1. Implement current anti-virus software including updates that help to detect this new variant of Petya.
  2. Restrict Windows domain administrative access rights as much as possible.
  3. Take extra precautions to limit the activities of users with administrative privileges.
  4. Completely shut-down any devices that might be infected.
  5. Make sure all security patches are applied, especially to machines that are used by system administrators

Even after taking the above steps, companies should continue to actively monitor their security environment. It remains uncertain if security patches and updates are definitive fixes.

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