Network sourcing allows you to focus on your business

Organizational changes may require new technologies and services

by Sandra Weinstein

Feeling overwhelmed with your latest information and technology needs? Perhaps you’re expanding, eliminating, or adding a product line or service, or you are merging with another company. The bottom line is, organizational changes call for new IT requirements. To further complicate things, available technologies and services are changing as well.

So how do organizations effectively answer the challenge? Handing over operational responsibilities to accomplished network experts can help relieve the stress of making difficult decisions and ensure that you’re making the right adjustments to your information and technology infrastructure. Picking the right sourcing provider is critical. You want professionals who work closely with CIOs, as an extension of the customer’s organization team, while offering core IT expertise not available on staff. The right provider can contribute to or lead the overall design, management, and evolution of your network to help control costs, roadmap evolution, and focus resources on core business activities.

Manage for innovation

Adopting a sourcing strategy can result in improved productivity and a simplified IT environment. You can relax knowing you have the benefit of proven network technology and communications infrastructure industry leadership as a part of the team, allowing them to focus on business strategy.

Outsourcing to a provider such as AT&T Network Sourcing offers you a full suite of services to design, manage, and operate complex infrastructures, including consulting, strategy, governance, compliance and risk reduction, and cost performance. The right provider doesn’t just fix and manage; the right provider manages for innovation, so you can take advantage of the latest technology faster and not just save money, but improve revenue, too.

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