Market yourself through video #LikeABoss

Read up on content ideas that can make you a video expert

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Move over, generic content – video is the new king.

As a business owner, you’ve likely heard that’s the case over and over, especially more recently. That’s because video content is king: one-third of a person’s time spent online is dedicated to watching videos.

Recording and posting video content is easier than ever with smartphones and social media. But coming up with video ideas themselves is where the real challenge lies, especially when your business might be lacking in the glamour department.

It’s easier for a restaurant, for example, where you could post a slow-motion video on Instagram of chocolate sauce cascading down your dessert of the week. Still, don’t worry if you’re lacking tangible things to capture, as there are plenty of other ways you can market your business, even without dessert.

Hungry yet? For video content ideas, not chocolate sauce – okay, maybe that, too.

Share big ideas

Show customers that you're the thought-leader in your industry (because you are).

This could be something like sharing expert advice that’s relevant to your audience. If you own a contracting business, you could create a video that explains what homeowners should look for when choosing a contractor or construction company.

Be humorous

Showing the innocent bloopers or funny moments that occur gives your business an honest, human element that viewers crave. Or, you could simply post funny GIFs or animated memes that are relevant to your business.

If it’s entertaining, it’s certainly shareable: 76 percent of users said they’d share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining.

Make contact

No, not with aliens. Get in the mix with your viewers and interact with them, or encourage interaction.

Pose a question, poll your audience, or introduce a customer contest or special promotion to those watching your video. And if you’re feeling daring, you could even try doing a live Q&A.

Spread the news

When you’re excited, your customers are excited, too. So show them what makes you happy – new product launches or some interesting updates regarding your industry. Whatever you have to say, they’ll want to hear it.

Gather testimonials

These are perfect if you’re camera shy. Who better to do the hard work for you than a happy, satisfied customer?

Get a real customer to share their feelings on camera. While friends are the most trusted sources, real people still resonate with viewers, even if they don’t know each other personally.

Raise the curtain

Give your viewers a sneak peek of your day-to-day. Showing them your most human elements, like shamelessly ordering that extra-shot vanilla latte every morning, will open up more trust between your business and your customers.

You could also feature an employee, or give a tour of your business people don’t usually see. They’ll tune in.

Educate viewers

Different from "ideas" section above – this is where you teach your audience about your product or service. Show them how they can use it better, or offer up tips to help them get the best service.

Sure, this isn’t the most “glamourous” option, but know that 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

Before you hit record, remember your audience’s attention is stretched across multiple devices and apps. Because of this, make your videos short, sweet and to the point – ideally under one or two minutes. That’ll ensure viewers are less likely to leave your video early for something else, like finally responding to their mother-in-law’s fifth text message in the past half hour.

If you’re just starting your video strategy, try out as many of these options as you see fit. Then, you can analyze the results of each video – if you get more likes and engagement on humorous videos and not so much on testimonials, then lean further into the humor realm (or, try out hilarious testimonials – you can mix and match). As long as you’re having fun, your videos can help propel your business marketing to the next level.

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