Market your business through SEO #LikeABoss

Learn some SEO manners to propel your marketing strategy with a fun 'do this, not that' list

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Usually when titles of things have their own acronyms they tend to feel like they’re more complicated than they really are. SEO (search engine optimization) is a prime example. Even if you know what it means, you might struggle with how to implement it correctly. And if you’re not in the position to hire an SEO expert, never fear: You can become your own, #LikeABoss-style.

SEO is more than just ensuring key words are used throughout your website, in the same way an acronym is more than just three letters. However, it’s an easy thing to tackle as long as you make an effort to keep up with it, and the results will make it worth the effort. SEO is kind of like that houseplant you’re barely keeping alive – you know it needs water, but it isn’t able to scream at you when it’s thirsty, so you have to actively remember to water it on your own.

With that said, keep on reading for tips to help your SEO marketing strategy take off (and water your plants while you’re at it).

Do this: Know your keywords

Most of the time, people search very specific things like “aquarium supplies near me with diet fish flakes.” (For the sake of this example, pretend diet fish flakes are real). The results that pop up first are websites that contain those very specific keywords. So, be sure you’re cognizant of what your customers are going to type in that search bar. That way, searchers can make their way onto your business page.

Not that: Sporadic social handles

We’re not talking about content here – this is about your business’s identity on each social site. You should make sure the handles you’re posting from are as exact and consistent as possible. You can’t be “Pastry Palace” on your site, “Pastry Palace and Café” on Facebook, and “Pastry Palace Dallas” on Instagram. Don’t be like Pastry Palace.

Do this: Encourage engagement

Having strong online reviews is critical: 90 percent of consumers read them before even visiting a business. Amp up your ratings by asking for reviews, and respond to them (even the bad ones). The more reviews your business has, the more keywords will compile, which means better search results.

Not that: Fake it

Don’t post fake reviews, or encourage people close to you who are unfamiliar with your business to post, either. People can spot the dishonesty, and it will reflect badly on your business. In the same vein, avoid posting your business’s domain name on other sites or comments sections.

Do this: Post on YouTube

You already know how valuable videos are to your business. And maybe you’re already sharing fun behind-the-scenes clips on Snapchat, or going live on Facebook to show off your new shipment of merch. However, the internet masses expect you to also post on YouTube. Not only does its parent Google give higher rankings to YouTube videos in searches, but logged-in users spend an average of more than one hour per day watching YouTube – and that’s just on mobile devices.

Not that: Leave profiles unclaimed

On third-party sites, claim your business so you can shape the information yourself. If you don’t, random internet strangers are going to do it for you. Third-party sites include, but aren’t limited to:   

  • Yelp   
  • Yellow Pages   
  • Trip Advisor   
  • Google Maps

Do this: Befriend analytics tools

It sounds scary-technical, and at first might feel like it is, too. But that’s how it felt riding a bike for the first time, right? Eventually, you have to go all in and figure it out as you go along. If your website is hosted on WordPress, consider special SEO plug-ins. Or explore Google’s own analytics tools, like Keyword Planner.

Not that: Assume rules don’t change

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, is constantly evolving the algorithm by which it evaluates content. It makes sense, since the internet is constantly changing, too. But that means you’ve got to be patient with results and keep your SEO knowledge recent – that’ll make it easier for you to stay one step ahead of the robots who definitely aren’t going to take over the world…hopefully.

Got all that? Good. One last “do” for you: Remember to water your plants – and your SEO (figuratively).

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