Manage network usage and cost with VPN and AT&T NetBond

AT&T NetBond is a cloud networking solution that “bonds” cloud providers to your AT&T VPN

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team

Do you use a business-class virtual private network (VPN) service to connect to cloud resources? While VPN is one way to ensure that user-to-cloud connections and response times are immediate, it’s not your only option.

AT&T NetBond is a cloud networking solution that “bonds” cloud providers to your AT&T VPN. The result is faster, more secure connectivity to your cloud based applications. With AT&T NetBond, you can customize your connectivity parameters to have more control over your usage and your costs.

Using AT&T NetBond, you combine your VPN with the cloud and have the security of a private connection with the freedom of the cloud.

This approach can be more cost-effective than paying for separate connections to each of your suppliers and have access to all of the applications you need.

It might not seem possible to save money by buying business-class services to connect to the cloud instead of using the lower-cost public Internet, but business-class services make sense for two reasons:

  • Security: Your performance is less predictable when using the Internet. For mission-critical applications, a downturn in the network response time could cost a lot in terms of lost productivity, depending on the business type and app.
  • Pricing: There’s the pricing model for most cloud services to consider. Cloud providers usually let you send unlimited data to the cloud. However, with some cloud providers, there is a charge for data moving out of the cloud. Paying a monthly fee for your VPN service and NetBond, plus a bit in bandwidth overages only as you need them may be the most cost-effective option.

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