Manage growth with fleet management solutions

by Jared Peterson

B&P Enterprises started small. But it didn’t stay that way. The family-owned construction and salvage services company, that began in 1976 with one truck, now employs more than 400 people and provides expertise in emergency and disaster response, industrial maintenance, and other fields.

But while that explosive growth created more opportunities for B&P, it also created more challenges. The company struggled to track their 200 trucks and 400 pieces of equipment. It was harder to monitor and address safety issues. Dispatchers had to manually keep tabs on drivers’ locations.

AT&T Fleet Management solutions helped B&P take control of its business. Vehicle and asset tracking and other advanced monitoring tools helped B&P operate more efficiently and improve safety—and, in the process, helped save BP thousands of dollars.

Watch the video to learn more about how AT&T Fleet Management solutions helped B&P manage its growth, and find out how they can help your mobile fleet be more efficient and profitable.