Is SD-WAN right for your business?

What is SD-WAN (Software-defined wide area network)?

by Aaron Miller, Lead Channel Manager

What is SD-WAN (Software-defined wide area network)?

How many software-as-a-service (SAAS) and infrastructure (IAAS) solutions are you using in your business? The average company uses a whopping 110 SaaS solutions. These applications can be very demanding on the network as they move data back and forth to the cloud. Add to that the vulnerabilities that can be introduced through gaps in security. All of this demand on the network can slow down business operations, not to mention productivity of your staff. This has more implications than just getting the job done. It could also make your business less attractive to new hires and employees.

There’s a solution. A software-defined wide area network is one of the key technologies that companies are using to address these issues. But what exactly is SD-WAN?

What is SD-WAN and what’s so great about it? The answer is in the name. The “SD” in SD-WAN stands for “software defined,” and “WAN” is “wide area network.” SD-WAN is the next step for companies that used to rely on WAN technology. Now that there is such large use in SaaS and IaaS applications, IT teams have needed to upgrade their networks.

The purpose of an SD-WAN solution is to manage traffic in the cloud using next-generation software. It also delivers better network agility and  enhanced security. This enables you to not only keep business operations running smoothly, but also provides better security for your data.

Continue reading for more information about AT&T SD-WAN benefits and find out whether it’s right for your business.

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¹ “Average number of software as a service (SaaS) applications used by organizations worldwide from 2015 to 2021.”, 2021

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