IoT connectivity powers smart fridges to help keep food fresh

by The AT&T Business Editorial Team

Farmer’s Fridge is using Internet of Things (IoT) services to make fresh, wholesome food options easily accessible to those on the go. AT&T is the primary provider connecting the company’s smart fridges on one scalable platform.

Each morning, Farmer’s Fridge drivers deliver freshly prepared food in temperature-monitored vans. They place the meals in connected fridges in office buildings, convenience stores, hospitals, schools, and other locations.

Chill technology at work

An AT&T Global SIM card and IoT services are part of the fridges. They monitor and automatically adjust the temperature. They also help Farmer’s Fridge ensure its customers only get the freshest foods. That’s why the fridges will automatically shut down after two hours if there’s a power outage.

Farmer’s Fridge also uses AT&T IoT technology to:

  • Monitor inventory. Farmer’s Fridge gets reports in near real time. At close of business every day, a report lets the kitchen know which foods to prepare for the following day and in what quantity. The connected fridges also alert drivers to their delivery route for the following morning, based on the inventory data collected.
  • Improve equipment life. They can monitor the status of fridges. Alerts come in right away if maintenance is needed.
  • See revenue faster. They can process credit card transactions in near real time.

“The technological backbone of our business is the IoT platform we have built to optimize the fridges, and AT&T has been an essential collaborator,” said Luke Saunders, founder and CEO, Farmer’s Fridge. “It’s essential to have a scalable solution that is easy to setup with reliable connectivity, so we can grow our business and continue to make slow food available fast.”

“In every industry, companies are looking to evolve their business with IoT technologies,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, IoT Solutions, AT&T. “Farmer’s Fridge is giving busy people like you and me access to wholesome food options with the help of AT&T technology.”

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