How confident are you in your conferencing?

Managed event conferencing services can transform your next event, when do-it-yourself won’t do

by Cara Knight, AT&T Lead Product Marketing Manager

Are you “conferencing confident,” or do you find yourself making compromises when you could really use more robust tools and services to help get the most out of a conferencing event?

With simple access to powerful audio, web and video platforms, conferencing is a great way to avoid the inefficiency, hassle, and expense of organizing and attending physical meetings and presentations. But what happens when you up the ante to a large-scale event? When an important event is on the line, basic conferencing tools and services are often not enough to deliver the experience you want. Or, perhaps you simply would rather focus on the event and the outcomes as opposed to the conference details, technology, and logistics.

One possibility to help you take on large, complex, or resource-consuming events is managed event conferencing services.

When to consider managed event conferencing services

If you prefer to drive outcomes and not technology, push an agenda and not a record button, or host a large-scale conference or webcast without compromising your goals or your credibility, managed conferencing services make sense. Other users who might benefit from managed conferencing services are:

  • Organizations that lack in-house skills to support business-critical, complex, time-critical, high-level, or multi-location conferencing events
  • Line of business users who need to drive outcomes, not technology
  • Participants who want to focus on the message instead of the logistics

What happens before, during, and after the event

Perhaps because conferencing is so accessible it may have led you to think that you can always do it all on your own. But when there’s more complexity, more need to manage and measure, and even more risk, it pays to consider whether your conferencing confidence could be enhanced with the help of managed conferencing services.

When conferencing is managed before, during, and after an event, you can gain feedback without losing momentum; share rich-content while giving everyone a front row seat, and create a virtually seamless experience that makes it simpler for presenters to engage and participants to be involved.

This infographic explains the who, what, and why of event conferencing services.

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