Get the excitement of 5G+ virtually wherever you need it

With our temporary 5G+ solution “delivered to you”

by the AT&T Business Editorial Team

5G using millimeter wave spectrum (5G+) is transforming how businesses interact with customers by enabling more immersive and exciting experiences in broadcasting, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), and interactive simulations. But what if your business wants to host a special event offering these technologies and you haven’t invested in a permanent 5G+ network solution?

“AT&T Private Cellular Networks – Events” is a portable, rapidly-deployed, dedicated 5G+ network for businesses seeking a temporary, enterprise-grade solution. It offers the reliability and performance advantages of a permanent 5G+ network but can be deployed quickly for an immediate 5G+ connection featuring dedicated coverage and capacity for a high performing, highly reliable, highly secure environment. It’s a perfect way to quickly obtain the connectivity required to support amazing innovations. Plus, it can accelerate your path for permanent adoption, so your business is ready to make the leap to a 5G+ infrastructure.

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility: designed to meet your coverage needs
  • Portable: Brings the 5G+ network to support your business event or opportunity
  • Experience: Supports innovation through local capture and consumption of content
  • Private and dedicated: Lets you control who can connect to the  network
  • Revenue potential: Enables premium customer experiences that can help grow revenue
  • Path to 5G+: Provides early 5G+ learnings on your path to a permanent 5G+ solution.

Experience more with 5G+

With low latency and ultra-fast speeds, AT&T Private Cellular Networks – Events can support a wide range of use cases in broadcasting and virtual and augmented reality. From stadiums and venues to corporate headquarters and convention centers, AT&T Private Cellular Networks – Events with 5G+ can help enable immersive experiences that draw participants into deeper, more exciting engagements with your content.

Possible use cases:

  • Transforming broadcasting and media coverage: Introduces a new level of flexibility when used with 5G+ enabled devices and cameras
  • Live high definition video streaming: Brings fans closer to the action when used with 5G+ fan cam streaming
  • Game-changing experience: Allows  near real-time access to game stats with live-streaming video and mixed reality experiences
  • Optimized for the enterprise: Designed for businesses virtually wherever and whenever they need it most
  • Gaming events: Gives fans the opportunity to be part of the game at sports competitions when used with AR applications
  • Volumetric capture: Enables businesses to enrich fan experiences by placing fans in the middle of the action when used with  3D rendered avatars
  • Hologram AR communications: Supports AR/VR applications that demand reliable low latency with dedicated and private network designs

Everything you need for an immediate connection

AT&T Private Cellular Networks – Events is a comprehensive, turn-key solution that comes complete with all the equipment  and support needed to  instantly connect. AT&T supplies design, installation, configuration, setup, tear down, and on-site support during your event. Plus, our customized pricing is designed to help meet your specific 5G+ needs based on location, coverage, and use cases.

Learn more about Private Cellular Networks – Events or contact your sales representative.