Do you have a small business blindspot?

A surprising percentage of small businesses don’t have a website or adequate IT support

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Statistics show that several small businesses have blindspots when it comes to cultivating their web presence and investing in IT support.

Just because you’re a small business, however, doesn’t mean you can’t have big-business types of services at an affordable price.

Building a website

According to a survey by Clutch, 29% of small businesses do not have a website. Yes, that’s nearly one-third of small businesses that continuously struggle to create and maintain a web presence.

Those numbers don’t even tell the whole story. Small businesses in the Midwest and very small businesses everywhere struggle even more in creating a web presence. Only 58% of Midwestern small businesses have websites, and only 59% of very small businesses (annual revenue of $1 million or less) have a website.

If you are one of these businesses, you find yourself in a serious catch-22. You may find yourself constrained by budget and time. But if you don’t invest in building a website, you could be hindering the growth of your business; websites are regularly named as the most effective marketing channel for small to medium businesses.

If you don’t have a website, you’re also missing out on powerful marketing tools and analytics to help you maximize the return on your investment.

How do you wrangle IT?

Handling IT can be another thorn in the side of small businesses—much for the same reasons that building a website can be a challenge. Plus, many small business owners think that they don’t need to worry about IT until they get bigger.

For one, the security of your network and data is something that you need to worry about now. Breaches just don’t happen to the goliath companies. Medium and small businesses find themselves in the crosshairs of hackers, too.

Of course, it’s not just security. If you don’t have adequate IT support, you can face another pressing issue that can wreak havoc on your business: failing to implement a data backup system.

Do you have a plan or method to backup and recover data key to your business? And in addition to those two issues, what do you do if your computer goes down or you have technical difficulties—how do you get up and running again to minimize downtime that can mean lost revenue and customers?

Whether you have no IT staff and need a primary IT resource, or you have an existing IT staff and want to provide supplementary help, you should look into an IT service that offers remote IT support and cloud data backup services in a highly secure environment.

Time is money—and security

As a small business owner, you know that time is of the essence. The longer you don’t have an adequate web presence, the more potential market share you may lose. Likewise, the longer you wait to engage in key IT solutions, the more likely it is you will experience a breach, data loss, or a major outage—all of which cost you dollars and reputation.

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