Banking on digital signage

Why Citizens Bank is bullish on big screens

by By Kimberly Munsell, Industry Specialist – Finance, AT&T

Citizens Bank recently announced the implementation of a leading-edge digital signage solution in over 1,100 branches. The project is the first phase in Citizens’ ongoing effort to transform the customer experience by adopting technology solutions that accelerate their digital banking transformation. As one of the largest, most influential banks in the U.S., Citizens Bank has been in operation for almost 200 years. Yet the digital shift is requiring a more agile approach to customer service, regardless of what’s worked in the past. 

Bridging the digital divide

Financial institutions across the country are increasingly connecting digital signage solutions with back-office analytics to deliver smarter, more relevant interactions. As customer expectations change, routine banking functions are more frequently completed online and on mobile devices. This trend requires an omnichannel approach from financial firms and a seamless digital experience across the bank ecosystem.

Digital signage is well-suited to repurpose the in-branch experience from impersonal, fixed, transaction-based messaging to personalized, dynamic interactions. Taking design cues from successful coffee shops and retail stores, Citizens Bank contracted AT&T to help architect comfortable, functional spaces that engage customers with products and services in a way that’s more meaningful to the member base. Transforming branch locations into more functional community centers drives brand loyalty, increasing the ability to capture a greater share of wallet, while continuing to encourage the important face-to-face engagement that many customers still expect from their bank.

Future-flexible messaging

Digital signage enables an exciting level of reach and synchronization between branches, allowing centralized management of content across the entire organization from a single point, instead of printing or shipping physical media, or relying on individual branch managers to create or refresh rapidly-outdated content. Displays can additionally be switched to corporate channels during off-hours or in employee-only areas to display internal information and corporate training.

Taking advantage of the latest agile networking technology, in-branch digital signage can display relevant, customizable content at a national, regional and local level. Financial advice, targeted promotions, community announcements, weather, news, sports, and stock indices are all possible. Aggregated behavioral insights like path and foot traffic, historical preferences, mood, and engagement rates by time-of-day can also help drive relevant messaging and lead to other efficiencies like shorter customer wait times.

The Citizens Bank implementation is the kind that further narrows distinctions between legacy providers and Fintechs, putting an enhanced customer experience at the heart of long-running transformation efforts.

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