AT&T provides fast data to help Red Bull Racing

by John Slamecka, Regional Vice President Europe the Middle East and Africa, AT&T

In Formula One racing, a hundredth of a second often separates winners and losers. But raw speed isn’t the only thing drivers need to take the checkered flag. They need information—how the car responds at certain spots on the track, if weather is affecting traction, how the driver is performing.

All of that and more is crucial for creating a winning race strategy.

For Red Bull Racing, honing that championship edge involves constantly studying data coming from nearly 100 sensors from the race car during practice sessions and every race. Engineers at the track and at the team headquarters in England analyze the information in near real time, and use the results to suggest crucial adjustments to the car or race plan that can lead the team to success on the track.

That’s why a powerful global network providing near real-time data quickly and in a highly secure manner is so imperative to Red Bull Racing.

Red Bull Racing and AT&T

For the past several years, Red Bull Racing has depended on AT&T for support as they traveled to 20 races around the world. Through our VPN solutions and other communication services and tools, we’ve helped Red Bull Racing’s employees stay connected and share the data they need to optimize their race performance.

No team should have to sacrifice performance because their race data couldn’t make it to their engineers in time. Ultimately, today’s businesses can’t afford to operate in the world of “or,” having to make compromises between two important needs.

Instead, we’re dedicated to empowering our customers to run their businesses with an “&” mentality—creatively adapting to achieve all goals. For Red Bull Racing, that means the ability to approach race day with speed & precision in order to take the checkered flag.

Watch our newest commercial for our Power of & campaign and learn how we’re collaborating with our customers to achieve the & for their business.